from: Warren Buffett Foundation <murray@advance-fiber.com>
reply-to: warrenbfoundation104@gmail.com
date: Dec 8, 2018, 7:37 PM

Warren Buffett  picked you for a $1,5M donation For more details reply to warrenbfoundation104@gmail.com

Hello, Good Morning-

from: Mrs. Mary Conner <send@sakura.ad.jp>
reply-to: infofile999@gmail.com
date: Dec 8, 2018, 5:29 PM
subject: Hello, Good Morning-

Hello Dear,Greetings.

How are you today? This is Mary Conner.who wrote to you some time ago seeking for your assistance to transfer some funds into your account.Although we could not finish the transaction because of some little financial set-back at your end,I wish to inform you that I have successfully transacted with a God-Given trustworthy woman who has helped me and my Health in the time of needs.

I wish to tell you that I am successfully residing in INDIA where we want to re-establish myself.I am using the opportunity to thank you who made intentions to help me, although we couldn’t finished up, and to you personally,I have written and dropped a check of $450,000/- for your compensation for all you have done and intentions to assist me then.

This is my pure appreciation to you and I have instructed a friend in Cotonou Benin Rep. to send you the cheque and a letter attached to it.

Have you received it?, reply to me so that we can discuss some other businesses in your area as i hoped to make some investment too in your area.I need your urgent reply and current phone no so that I will call you to discuss further with you.

In case you have not received the cheque,

kindly contact:
Rev.John Moore
E mail: revjohnmoore@outlook.fr

Contact Him or call him immediately if you have not receive your parcel

Best regards,
Mrs. Mary Conner

US National Central Bureau Interpol

Yeah, because Interpol totally uses a yahoo email address. . .. 

From: US National Central Bureau Interpol <money.release@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Saturday, 8 December 2018 1:30 AM
Subject: US National Central Bureau Interpol

US National Central Bureau Interpol
600 E St NW # 600, Washington, DC 20004, USA

Attention Mr.ND Mrs

This is the final warning you are going to receive from us. I hope you understand how many times this message has been sent to you? We have warned you several times and you have ignored our e-mail. If you fail to respond back to us , then we would be forced to contact other security agencies and have your name blacklisted. We would also send a letter to the company/agency that you are working to suspend you until we are through with our investigations

Your Identification which we have in our database has been sent to all the crime agencies for them to insert you in their website as an internet fraudster and to warn people from having any deals with you. This would have been solved all this while if you had gotten the CERTIFICATE SIGNED, ENDORSED AND STAMPED as you where instructed in the e-mail below.

This is the International Police Interpol am using this medium to inform you that there is no more time left to waste because you have been given a mandate. As stated earlier to have the document endorsed, signed and stamped without failure and you must adhere to these directives to avoid you being arrested.

You failed to comply with our directives/instructions, and right now the WARRANT OF ARREST has been signed against you and it will be carried out in the next 24hours as strictly signed by the Police Interpol Director. We have investigated and believe (but have no proof) that you didn’t have any idea when the fraudulent deal was committed with your information/identity and right now if your ID is placed on our website as a wanted person, I believe you know that it will be a shame to you and your entire family because after then it will be announced in all the local channels that you are wanted by the Police Interpol.

I decided to see how i could be of help to you because i would not be happy to see you end up in jail and all your properties confiscated all because your information’s was used to carry out a fraudulent transactions of rover years, i called the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and they directed me to a private attorney who could help you get the process done and he stated that he will endorse, sign and stamp the document at the sum of $350.00usd only and i believe this process is cheaper for you.

You need to do every possible thing today and tomorrow to get this process done because our director has called to inform me that the warrant of arrest has been signed against you and once it has been approved, then the arrest will be carried out, and from our investigations we learnt that you were the person that forwarded your identity to one impostor/fraudsters  when he had an deal with you about the transfer of some illegal Lottery funds which is valued at Millions of dollars with proofs.

I pleaded on your behalf so that this agency could give you (1) day from now so that you could get this process done because i learnt that you were sent several e-mail without getting a response from you, Bear it in mind that this is the only way that i can be able to help you at this moment or you would have to face the law and its consequences once it has befall on you.

After all this process has been  carried out, then we would have to proceed to the bank for the transfer of your compensation funds total sum of $35,000,000.00 United States Dollars to be complete which was suppose to have been transferred to you all this while.

Note/ all the crimes agencies have been contacted on this regards and we shall trace and arrest you if you disregard this instructions. You are given a grace today to make the payment for the document after which your failure to do that will attract a maximum arrest and finally you will be appearing in court for act of terrorism, money laundering and drug trafficking charges, so be warned not to try any thing funny because you are been watched.


Dr.Mike Solomon
I.G, Police National
Interpol Financial Crimes Dept.


from: if. <ff@mild.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: "..." <corisatmcard@accountant.com>
date: Dec 7, 2018, 12:10 PM


The federal bureau of investigation (FBI) through our intelligence-monitoring network at western union or money gram services has discovered that the transaction the bank contacted you previously was legal. Recently the fund has been legally approved to be paid to you via Coris Bank ATM Visa CARD, .

We the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) United States in conjunction with the United Nations (UN) financial department have investigate through our monitoring network regarding your payment of $25,000,000.00 with Coris Bank International, You have the legitimate right to complete your transaction and claim your payment ATM card worth Twenty Five million united states dollars only.

As i am writing to you now MRS. ANNA FISHER and MR. PETRENKO ANATOLIY from Odessa Ukraine have paid their delivery/Insurance expenses this week and his ATM Card package worth US$25.000,000.00 has been delivered to him this week, if you think we are lying, just type www.dhl.com and once it open DHL Company website page, just enter shipment tracking number at 6180723054 or 5177695526 for more proof.

However, as per the instruction given by the authorities, you Will pay for the delivery Insurance fee of your ATM Credit Card to be sent to you via DHL courier company United States at your own expenses by sending the Delivery and Insurance Fee of US$125.00 only, because your Compensation Payment File is protected by United states hardcover insurance policy due to it’s nature which desist us from deducting the Shipment fee from your ATM account until it is delivered to you and this was enacted to avoid misplacement of Fund or online fraud.

Please note that the deadline for claiming your payment of US$25.000,000.00 is exactly one week after the receipt of this email. At this period your ATM CARD worth US$25,000,000.00 will return back to the ordering costumer. That is the instruction sign to us from United Nations Fund Compensation Representative New York/Federal Government of United States president Donald John Trump

So respond urgent for more details

Christopher A. Wray Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C.USA

Can I trust You?

from: Hunter <jkubiak@merr.com>
reply-to: hunuarte9221@foxmail.com
date: Dec 7, 2018, 7:36 AM
subject: Can I trust You?

Good Day,

I hope this message finds you in good health .
I am still waiting for your response to my numerous unreplied emails to you concerning your relative inheritance fund valued 6.2M USD left in our bank here before his untimely death. Contact me for more details on my private email address ( dh9041746@gmail.com ) so that you can understand better.

I await your response.

Mr. Daniel

delivery of your package

Reader contribution, no headers provided.

Hi..mam/sir,let me know if there is reciever named Marinelli Julian,package coming from sender:George Graph..thanks a lot..

With reference to the delivery of your package, We have tried to reach
the sender on phone but to no avail. I wish to bring to your notice
(Receiver) that your package has been placed on hold by the Cambodia
customs for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies.
As the goods were brought on transit point Cambodia for further destination to Philippines
at the transit check point, the Cambodia custom detected that currency were included in your parcel. Thereby,
certain commissions must be paid as customs duty via us which is for the
immediate clearance of your package .For the main time refer on the ‘
status’ of your package during tracking , this is in accordance to the
mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery . We have
already taken some of other’s package from the custom.

Outstanding Charges:
Administrative: Riel 358,767 Riel
Clearance: Riel 498,287 Riel
TOTAL = Riel 1,766,450 Riel

A total of $215.000.U.S.D Dollars) has been charged. In acknowledgment to this email, account
details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package.
Thank you, I hope I have made myself clear to you by this notice as
directed by the management.
We are glad to be of service to you.

Yours Faithfully.
Mrs Ana Malian

Los Angeles International Airport.

from: Christopher Krchnavic <enriquewilson@yahoo.com>
reply-to: Christopher Krchnavic <krchnavic@yahoo.com>
date: Dec 6, 2018, 10:51 AM
subject: Los Angeles International Airport.

Los Angeles International Airport.
3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1025
Los Angeles, CA 90010.

Hello my friend, I am Mr. CHRISTOPHER KRCHNAVIC, head of luggage/baggage
storage facilities here at the Los Angeles International Airport,
[LAX] CA 90010. USA.
During my recent withheld package routine check at the Airport Storage
Vault, I discovered an abandoned shipment from a Diplomat from London
and when scanned it revealed an undisclosed sum of money in a metal
trunk box.

The consignment was abandoned because the Contents of the consignment
was not properly declared by the consignee as “MONEY” rather it was
declared as personal effect to avoid interrogation and also the
inability of the diplomat to pay for the United States Non Inspection
Charges which is $3,700USD. On my assumption the consignment is still
left in our Storage House here at the Los Angeles International
Airport, [LAX] till date.

The details of the consignment including your name, your email address
in and the official documents from the United Nations office in Geneva
are tagged on the Trunk box. However, to enable me confirm if you are
the actual recipient of this consignment as the assistant director of
the Inspection Unit, I will advise you to provide your current FULL
NAME: ============== COUNTRY: ============== CITY: ==============
NUMBER.========= AGE/OCCUPATION: ============= NEAREST

Once I confirm you as the actual recipient of the trunk box, I will
get everything concluded within 48hours upon your acceptance and
proceed to your address for delivery. Lastly, be informed that the
reason I have taken it upon myself to contact you personally about
this abandoned consignment is because I want us to transact this
business and share the money 80percent for you and 20 percent for me
since the consignment has not yet been returned to the United States
Treasury Department after being abandoned by the diplomat so
immediately the confirmation is made, I will go ahead and pay for the
United States Non Inspection Fee of $3,700 dollars and arrange for the
box to be delivered to your doorstep Or I can bring it by myself to
avoid any more trouble but you have to assure me of my 20 percent
share. I wait to hear from you urgently if you are still alive and I
will appreciate if we can keep this deal confidential. Please get back
to me via Email for further directives.
Thank you. Regards,
Chief Immigration officer.
Los Angeles International Airport.
3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1025.