We received an email from one Mrs. Anita Mathews

from: Miranda Andreson <wunion81@gmail.com>
date: Tue, Jul 17, 2018 at 1:49 AM
subject: We received an email from one Mrs. Anita Mathews

We received an email from one Mrs. Anita Mathews who presented a Country Postal Address name and a telephone number with a resident address, saying that you gave her the power of attorney to make claims of fund on your behalf said that you are not able to complete the transaction any more.
Please try and get back to us immediately before we instruct her to pay for the required charge and have the fund delivered to her home address without any delay. And she agree to paid the fee immediately so I’m very happy OK but i want to confirm from you before i proceeded because you are delaying and you are joking with the transaction since but i don’t want you to lose this opportunity you got.
Name:Mrs. Anita Mathews
Postal Address: 303 East Washington Street P.O. BOX 835 Chattahoochee,
Florida 32324, United State.
Please, if you are not the person that gave her the power of attorney to make claims of fund on your behalf, feel free to call DR. Mac Evis at +971556589562, I hope you still have his contact details, but let me state it again to avoid mistakes for the wrong person. This is his contact details below:.
DR. Mac Evis
Director ATM VISA CARD Issuance Department
Yours in Services.
Ms Miranda Andreson


Reader submission, no headers provided

Value Attention:

I ‘m contacting you by your email however, I feel it’s best and more convenient for me to explain why I am contacting you. I’m . Mr.Steven Mnuchin a United States Department of the Treasury, I work hand in hand with the United States Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). I’m specialize in Background Investigations on funds which include [COMPENSATION/ INHERITANCE FUNDS OR NEXT OF KIN, Consignment Box, Lotto® JACKPOT, LOANS] and I notice that you have being receiving numerous emails from people who claims to have funds coming to you but I advise that if you’re still in communication with any of them on issue of funds however, you’re hereby advise to stop every communication right now because those people has being investigated and confirmed to be a Fraud.

I wish to announce our successful investigation which was carried out few days ago; I guess it will interest you to know why this investigation was conducted. For your information, it was truly confirmed that you have 100% Legitimate unpaid transaction and you have every right to claim this funds as you’re been confirmed to be the right Beneficiary of the said amount U$D5.5 Million COMPENSATION /INHERITANCE FUNDS OR NEXT OF KIN however, Due to the delay of getting this funds to you, your funds has now been increased to U$D6.5Million approved for payment by International Monetary Fund (IMF).

I’m informing you this today because I came to notice that you’renot communicating with a legitimate person who is in charge of getting these funds to you.This announcement has to be made open to you however because you may have being swindled by those unscrupulous people whom you have sent money in the couarse of getting one fund or the other which is not real and for this reason, I have decided to help you get your funds directly from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)because your Legitimate funds remains unpaid.

I want to know if you’re interested in receiving your unpaid legitimate funds value U$D6.5Million however, I will only be of help if you agreed to follow my instructions.If you’re really interested in receiving your unpaid U$D6.5 Million, I advise that you get back to me immediately. All I need is your
co-operation and understanding.

Please you can contact me back on my email by clicking your Reply.


Text me on +1 (219) 440-0367
Mr.Steven Mnuchin

FBI- Criminal Justice Information Services Division

from: FBI- Federal Bureau Of Investigation <FBI.@chive.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: FBI- Federal Bureau Of Investigation <mrjohnbill@outlook.com>
date: Jul 17, 2018, 1:09 AM
subject: FBI- Criminal Justice Information Services Division

FBI- Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Address: 7915 Microsoft way Charlotte,north Carolina 28273
Text and call phone:+1 (910)475-8705


I am John Bill from FBI unit,i have been instructed by our FBI Director Christopher Wray, to inform you that out of our thorough investigation lately ,we found out that one of the abandoned  valid Packages such as ATM Cards And Consignment Boxes worth $11.5 million United State Dollars by diplomatic agents who complained that the beneficiaries were not able to provide the anti terrorist clearance certificate to guide and show that the fund is no way related to fraud or drug money,with the information we have here ,we found out that one of the funds belongs to you.

And you are meant to report back quick with the fee for the needed certificate(anti terrorist clearance certificate) which is $455 ,in conclusion you are advised to stop any transaction you are doing now for this fund ,because your fund is now under our custody and we will deliver it to you by our self.

Get back to us quick for the information you will use to send the money and also  to avoid any more delay on your fund and make sure you provide your phone number as well for easy communication.

John Bill
FBI Special Agent
Text and call phone:+1 (910)475-8705

Mr. Muzzaffar Khan cell phone +234 90 79 25 29 13

from: Mr. Muzzaffar Khan <www.@triton.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: "Mr. Muzzaffar Khan" <bankofafrica166@yahoo.com>
date: Jul 16, 2018, 2:41 PM
subject: Mr. Muzzaffar Khan cell phone +234 90 79 25 29 13

Attention Dear

Your fund was deposited today in our bank, here in Benin republic.

I have been waiting for you since to hear from you about your fund of ($11.5Million usd) have been deposited to our Bank, Bank of Africa Benin republic plc.

However i have discuss this with the The BENIN HIGH COURT AND THE CHIEF SAM OF BENIN, as its has not been delivered to you However they told me that your fund can be transferred to you via a direct wire transfer(KTT) into your account,they told me to instruct you to contact us and apply for a direct wire transfer into your account to avoid loosing your fund due to delay.Therefore you can contact us bank with the below information, with your banking information.

1.YOUR FULL NAME:==============
2.YOUR BANK DETAILS============
3.YOUR PHONE:==================
4.YOUR AGE:====================
5.YOUR COUNTRY:================
6.YOUR OCCUPATION:=============

Send an email to the bank with the above bank email and apply for your wire transfer as i have informed the bank about you already.On receipt of your fund into your account endeavor to inform me immediately you receive your fund in your account to E-mail:bankofafrica166@yahoo.com

Mr. Muzzaffar Khan cell phone +234 90 79 25 29 13


from: Rev.DR Jame Johnson <www.@iris.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: "Rev.DR Jame Johnson" <anthonywilliam632@gmail.com>
date: Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 1:05 AM


This is the second time am sending you this notification,
please contact our diplomatic agent Mr. Anthony William
with your below information to enable him complete the delivery
of your package.
1. Name:
2. Address:
3. Phone number:
4. Age:
5. Occupation:
6. Id Copy:
and your nearest airport to land, so that he can deliver your
Atm worth of $12.9 Million usd as he just landed in your country
now but misplaced your information, he will give you more details
when you re-confirm details to him. Your personal code is XLA21492014SD
use this code to the diplomat  Anthony William, so that he can know that
you are the rightful owner of the Card.

Best regard

Rev.DR Jame Johnson

Read carefully,

from: Peter Mill <info.petermil.@forest.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: Peter Mill <petermill24@yahoo.com> 
date: Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 4:01 PM
subject: Read carefully,

Read carefully,

The International Monetary Fund IMF and the World Bank is compensating all the scam victims $1.5Million United State Dollar DASH, and your email address was found in the scam victim’s list.This ATM card department office has been mandated by the IMF and the World Bank to transfer your compensation funds to you through an ATM CREDIT CARD to avoid any online fraud.

We hereby advice that you stop any further communication with any
other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving of your

In-order to stop the internet fraudulent activities going on
internet today, the following agencies (ICPO-Interpol,
Euro-pol,FBI,Anti-Money Launder, Secret Service,EFCC, Australia
Westpac Banking Corporation has taking a measures to see that Fraud
activities going on in the internet in Africa including
fraudulent acts in the world Today are stopped and there is progress.

So we need your information as where we will be sending the ATM CARD,such as:

Receiver full name:——
Phone number:——-

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your payment files will be returned to the IMF within one week if we did not hear from you, this was the instruction given to us by the IMF.


Peter Mill.
ATM Payment Department

Your Atm Card Payment Approval

from: Mr.Mike Emmana <mail.jackson@soleil.ocn.ne.jp>
reply-to: "boarddept0@gmail.com" <boarddept0@gmail.com>
date: Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 6:15 AM
subject: Your Atm Card Payment Approval

Dear Beneficiary,

This is to let you know that we have received an instruction from the United Nation by orders of the Ministry of Finance, Republic of Benin to release your Approved payment of US$15  Million Dollars via UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD which you will use to withdraw your US$15 Million Dollars from any ATM Machine in any part of the world.
I must thank you and assure you that UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD number 527 439364 467****  has been approved and upgraded in your favour this morning. The amount upgraded in the ATM CARD is US$15 Million Dollars, (fifteen million dollars USD) and your secret pin number is 8081, Right now,

Invitation have been extended to you to visit UBA BANK Benin Republic for collection of your UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD and PIN NUMBER so that you can activate it by yourself and start withdrawing funds from any ATM Machine in your country but the amount you can withdraw in a day is $23,000, per day as we have programmed it.
Alternatively, if you are unable to visit UBA BANK Republic of Benin for collection of this your UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD and PIN NUMBER, you must therefore apply for the UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD and PIN NUMBER to be sent to you via our diplomatic courier service at your own expenses byoffsetting the following payments such as; (1) Shipment fee of the UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD to your address amounting to US$155.00. (2) Insurance Coverage of the UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD amounting to USUS$80.00.

Both payments is the sum of US$235.00 must be paid to enable us ship the UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD to your address to enable you start withdrawing your US$15 Million Dollars from any ATM machine in any part of the world. This UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD must be insured so that it can get to you without any problem and diversion. This is because this ATM CARD that can be use to withdraw funds from any ATM Machine in every part of the world.Secondly the officer in charge is . Mr.Luke Gene, contact them via above with all your detail, by contacting them to Atm card payment centre of {UBA Bank Plc} E-mail:: ( boarddept0@gmail.com )  the general manager name Mr. Luke Gene.

And make sure you do forward to them your full information’s such as. (1) your full name.(2) Address where you want them to send the card through diplomatic courier Service (P.O Box not accepted). (3) Your full name and total amount you are expecting, Instead of losing your fund. (4) you direct telephone numbers. (5) A copy of your passport. Please indicate to the card centre the total sum you are expecting and for your information, you have to stop any further communication with any institution or office until you receive the Atm card. Note: because of impostors, we hereby issue you, your pin code of conduct tag number, which is (8081) so you must have to indicate this code when contacting the card centre. We await your urgent response.

As soon as the fee is received, we shall immediately dispatch the UBA BANK ATM VISA CARD to you and it will take only 2 days to arrive to your address to enable you start withdrawing funds that same day from any ATM machine nearest to you.
Thanks for your understanding and we are waiting for your quick reply and the payment information.

This massage is coming from.
Foreign Contract Payments

Mr. Mike Emmana