Best Investment on Crypto-Currencies

from: Frederico Arceo <>
date: Apr 7, 2020, 5:10 PM
subject: Best Investment on Crypto-Currencies

Good Day,

I am Frederico Arceo a crypto-currencies broker. Firstly, I want to apologize for intruding your email box with my message as I got your email from a marketing service. Meanwhile, I bring to you a piece of good news and an easy profit-making strategy with Bitcoin because the Corona-virus pandemic has made it easier to gain massively using the right trading platform. Having over 15 years of experience in financial trading, I work independently and with some of the worlds biggest brokerage (TradeStation, Schwab and Fidelity). My services include giving you a background understanding of Bitcoin trading and how to trade efficiently and profitably from your home, office and anywhere. Don’t ignore this chance, you can make as much as $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 in profit in just 2 weeks of trade risk-free depending on your attempts.

You can reach me for more inquiries via my business email or whatssap (+44 7587448084) Email ( and let us further discussion on how I could be of service to you.

Frederico Arceo

Supreme Court of United States

from: Attorney William Barr <>
reply-to: Attorney William Barr <>
date: Apr 6, 2020, 4:24 PM
subject: Supreme Court of United States

Dear ID Owner.

Supreme Court of United States is the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States. Established pursuant to Article III of the U.S. Constitution in 1789, it has original jurisdiction over a narrow range of cases, including suits between two or more states and those involving ambassadors.

The Supreme Court of the United States hereby advice you to send the final payment of $125 to HERITAGE BANK Head Office to able them release your donation payment of Thirty five millions United states Dollars to your personal bank account as instructed and sign from Mr. Charles Feeney donation families and if you do not receive your payment of Thirty five millions United states Dollars to your bank account once you send the payment of US$125, The Heritage BAnk President / CEO Mr, Ernie Beaudet shall be held responsible for loss and this shall invite a penalty of US$9 Million which will be made PAYABLE to you (The payment Owner) according to agreement made in your donation payment file at Supreme Court of Justice United States of America this new month of April 2020.

And all legal verification is complete and we are 100% insured that the Heritage Bank President / CEO, Mr, Ernie Beaudet not involve in fraudulent activities true to GOD Almighty.

Therefore, Supreme Court of United States hereby advice you to contact Heritage Bank again with below details and also make sure you send the US$125 to them as instructed to able The CORIS Bank Release your donation payment to you this week as soon as possible.

Contact Person:

Contact Person::: Mr, Ernie Beaudet
President / CEO of Heritage Bank
Contact Number::: +1 (785) 503-1843
Contact Email::: ( )

Also Mr, Ernie Beaudet. always Receive text message at  +1 (785) 503-1843 for bank business. You can text him once you sent him mail message to avoid fraudulent Activities.

So go ahead and deal with them in good Faith as we will be monitoring all their services with you because your donation payment of Thirty five millions United states Dollars must Release within 48 hours once you follow our directive in this latter by respond back because we have perfected everything in regards to the release of your Thirty five millions United states Dollars to be 100% illegitimate.

Thank you very much for your early cooperation and Understood in this matter.

Best Regards,
Attorney William Barr,
United States Attorney General.

First Bank of Nigeria,

From: Mr Peters Leo <>
Sent: Friday, 3 April 2020 5:26 AM
Subject: First Bank of Nigeria,

First Bank of Nigeria,
Contact Person: Mr Peters Leo

Blessed Day Friend,

I believe this will be good news to you, we done a board of Directors meeting today in this Bank hall and our Director General has signed the release of your $3.5 Millions to you this week as it was approved.
What it will cost you now to get your funds release to you is US$150.00 Google play card and if you send this Google play card of US$150.00.00 this morning, you fund will transfer to you tomorrow. This is last opportunity you have to claim your winning funds and what it will cost you now is just Google play card of US$150.00 only. Thanks as we wait to hear from you now with the Google Play Card.

Have a great day.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Peters Leo


date: Apr 3, 2020, 9:59 AM
subject: Attn
We wish to inform you that you have won (2.3MILLION GBP ) in our  2020 ongoing MICROSOFT (email) draws.
Name:Lynn Mckirkle
Tel :WHATSAPP PHONE:+442033897058(United Kingdom Office) (Call for verification 24Hrs)
In your reply email, You are to establish contact with the Following details
Residential/Office Address
Mobile/Tel No.:
Thanks & Regards
Your Personal Unique Ticket Code Is:

I need your help

from: Wayne Lee <>
to: Recipients <>
date: Apr 3, 2020, 2:33 PM
subject: I need your help

I’m Wayne Lee (US ARMY) currently stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan for peace keeping. Is this email private for us to discuss a $7,000,000 business that will be of mutually beneficial to us.

Your payment approved for Secure Core Computers llc.

If this got through your spam filter, don’t fall for it!  This does not originate from PayPal.  When you call  the number, they’ll ask you for your account information, and will use that to clean you out for real.  Always check your account on before responding to these kinds of phishing messages.

from: Paypal <>
reply-to: Paypal <>
to: [redacted]
date: Mar 31, 2020, 5:04 PM
subject: Your payment approved for Secure Core Computers llc.


3-31-2020 5-59-47 PM

Western Union Head Quater Kenya Republic

From: MRS.Jene peter <>
Sent: Monday, 30 March 2020 6:17 PM
Subject: Western Union Head Quater Kenya Republic

Attention: Dear Customer,
How are you doing today,

Dear Customer.

Breaking News, This is to inform you that the higher authorities that is in charge of international transaction has this morning declared that you will receive your $4,500 Usd through Western Union Money Transfer Only as compensation for your past effort here in Kenya Republic .

So the arrangement has been made this morning and the Federal High Court Of Justice has signed your Western Union Transfer Papers and the only money you will pay is $109. for the signing of it which means your transfer will start tomorrow morning.

The daily transfer of your fund is $4,500 per day until your total $950.000 is completely transfered to you.

I am here to swear to you that your first payment of the $4,500 daily transfer will be on its way today or latest tomorrow morning once we confirm the $109 from you which is for the Federal High Court Of Justice Kenya Republic  signing of your Western Union Transfer Papers. To show you the truth.

Below is the First transfer payment details which has been insert into our computer.

1) Sender Name==== Jason Callahan
2) MTCN: =====  576-786-0280
3. Question=== Who is Able
4. Answer:==== God

Then we want you to type WWW.WESTERNUNION.COM  and click tracking and pest sender’s first name and last name, the you pest mtcn number and click check status to see that your first transfer of $4,500  is available for you but you will not pick it until you pay the needed $109 for the signing of your Western Union Transfer Papers by the Federal High Court Kenya Republic.

So we are here giving you this Western Union Payment Information Information for you to send the $109 immediately and your first transfer of the $4,500  will be on its way after we pick the $109.

Receiver’s Name::::::: Eunice Wanjiku Njuguna
Country:::::::: Kenya Republic
City:::::::::: Nairobi
Test Question:::: Who
Test Answer::::: God
Sender’s Name::::
Mtcn: :::::::::

We wait for your mail with the $109 from you and be rest assured that you will receive your total compensation of $4,500 Usd from us because this is General Western Union Head Office here in Kenya Republic .

Finally you are advise to stop emailing any office or department here in Kenya Republic until you receive your full compensation from us,this is for your security.

Western Union Head Quater Kenya Republic.
General Manager MRS.Jene peter.