I wish you a loving man.

from: Lantaya.mus@gmail.com
date: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 11:17 AM
subject: I wish you a loving man.

Hello my stranger (smile). I hope that I not offend you. Anyway, let me tell you about myself. My name is Lantaya, 34 years old. I’m live in Azerbaijan. I hope that you hear about this country?? My country located near Caspian Sea. And I search for serious relationships with good man. I’m looking to find a partner of my life to enjoy and grow old with him. Someone to share my passion and creativity with. And if you interesting, write me back. I will wait you letter soon. Lantaya!

Hello Dearest One,

Standard opening gambit for the Refugee girlfriend whose father was killed leaving her tons of money she needs you to help get out of the country.

from: Mirinda Paul <mirinda_paul2@aol.fr>
date: Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 3:41 PM
subject: Hello Dearest One,




Hello Dearest One,

Compliments of the day, I am Ms. Mirinda Johnson, 22 years old, a
Sociology student from Guinea Bissau university and a daughter of late
Mr. Paul Johnson who was the former deputy minister of national
security under the leadership of president Kumba Yalla who is now
facing judgement at the international court of justice for war crime
and abusing human rights. I am constrained to contact you because of
the maltreatment i am receiving from my step mother who planned to
take away all my fathers treasury and assets from me since the
unexpected death of my Father. Meanwhile I had wanted to travel to
Europe but she hid my international passport and other valuable
travelling documents but fortunately for me she couldn’t discover
where I kept my fathers file. I am now writing you from Ouagadougou
Burkina-Faso where I escaped for my life and now seeking asylum in a
private charity organization under St Johns Catholic Church here in

In search for an honest and reliable person to help relocate in any of
the western world for a better life and to continue my studies, I have
chosen to contact you after getting your email through a database and
I believe you are a reliable person who will not betray my trust. I
know you may wonder why I am telling you about all this without seeing
or knowing you fully but something in me tells me that you are a good
person and I hope you don’t get me wrong. Briefly, I would like to
disclose little more about myself to you and see if you can help me to
relocate to your country for a continuous life, studies and equally to
have a new life. Please this is a little secret and I plead with you
to keep it to yourself alone until everything is properly arranged and
executed then I will come over to join you in your country, I have the
sum of $5.7million as an inheritance from my late father which I will
like to invest in your country with your help and this is reason why I
need your help based on the instruction my late father gave to the
bank to release the fund to me at the age maturity and through a
foreigner who can help me invest the fund wisely and I can not be able
to make this claim because of my refugee status.

This fund is deposited in my late father’s bank account with one of
the banks here in Burkina-Faso and I am going to give you every
details and contact regarding this fund because I want the money to be
transferred to your account before I come over to join you in your
country. I need your urgent response showing your willingness and
capability to handle this successfully for me, life in this refugee
camp is very hard and hell to me as i find no love and affection, more
especially I love my studies and here nothing is happening and people
here are not friendly. I am really suffering in this place except for
the rev father who gave me access to his office computer to be
checking my email once he is less busy after i had narated my stories
to him,I hope with your help to e in transferring the fund in your
account will win a fortune in my heart as I will have a better life to
live. kindly let me know your willingness and I promise to be nice and
faithful to you. I will send to you a copy of my photo as soon I
receive your positive respond, thanks and God bless you as i am
looking forward to seeing your reply. please i will like you to
contact me through this my private box ( mirinda_johnson@yahoo.ca )

Yours Sincerely

Ms. Mirinda Johnson



Part 3 of the Amira Johnson saga

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 07:46:22 +0000
From: amira johnson <amirajohnson@live.com>
Reply-To: amira johnson <amirajohnson@live.com>
To: [redacted]

How’re you, hope you’re ok and i will try and talk to you on phone if I have the funds to do so, I have read your mails and i quite understand, what you mean, i will not put any pressure on you as every human beings has the right to decide what he does, but all the same do not forget that I told you that i dont have no one to help me out, and i will not have to go out there and sell my body just to have some money to precess documents, that irresponsibility, but all i want you to know is that if you so choose not to help me, am ok with that and if you choose to help me, i will forever remain greatful to you, life is like that, sometimes what you need, or expect will never come to you and sometimes the opposite is sometimes the case, I will as well like to inform you that if you will spare your time and come to Senegal it will be more better, because if you say I will be able to raise money from God knows where, I think it will be very impossible for me to come and meet you, because if i don’t have any passport which is the starting point how then will I be able to think of coming, so if you so wish not to help me then i will be very greatful to you with all the for even spending your time to read my mails and even reply, it’s all about being good, as i see you as a good man, and i thank you for even listening to me, i want to tell you that it give ease to me a little bit, but i wish you can help me as you told me but still if you’ve come up with a choice not to help, I still give thanks to you and also give stanks to God, and at least reply, even if this will be the last reply you will ever reply, give me the opportunity to read from you you again thanks
Miss Amira Johnson

S’il vous plaît voici / Email alika 741@hotmail.com

Standard opening gambit for the Refugee girlfriend whose father was killed leaving her tons of money she needs you to help get out of the country.

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 02:14:54 +0200
From: Alika Barakah <barakah@waimax.net>
Reply-To: alika_741@hotmail.com
Subject: S’il vous plaît voici / Email alika 741@hotmail.com
To: Undisclosed-Recipients@, @MISSING_DOMAIN

S’il vous plaît voici / Email alika_741@hotmail.com

Salut, comment faites-vous, cool, je suppose … j’ai essayé de vérifier sur un ami dans facebook que j’ai vu depuis très longtemps avant j’ai vu votre profil croyez-moi. Je serai heureux si je pouvais savoir plus de vous. désolé pour toute forme d’intrusion ou inconvénient que je pourrais vous ai causés. J’espère vraiment que vous connaître et je veux pas de mal, s’il vous plaît. Je me réjouis de vous entendre avec la possibilité de l’estime d’une brève introduction de vous. Désolé encore une fois pour la gêne occasionnée.
S’il vous plaît voici / Email alika_741@hotmail.com
Je veux que nous procédons par adresse e-mail uniquement pour des raisons de sécurité
Voici mes photos.
Merci. Alika

Please here are / Email alika_741@hotmail.com

Hi, how are you doing, cool i guess…i was trying to check on a friend in facebook whom i have seen for a very long time before i saw your profile believe me. I will be glad if i could know more of you. sorry for any form of intrusion or inconvenience i might have caused you. I really hope to know you and i mean no harm, please. I look forward to hear from you with the esteem possibility of a brief introduction from you. Sorry once again for the inconvenience.
Please here are / Email alika_741@hotmail.com
I want us to proceed through email address only for security reasons
Here are my pictures.
Thanks. Alika
Alika Barakah


kk.12 kk.11

Cindy Dear Friend

Standard opening gambit for the Refugee girlfriend whose father was killed leaving her tons of money she needs you to help get out of the country.

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 23:55:43 +0300 (EAT)
From: Cindy Juel <jndombi@parliament.go.ke>
Reply-To: “cindy.juel@hotmail.com” <cindy.juel@hotmail.com>
Subject: Cindy Dear Friend


its my pleasure to email you.if you would be interested for
aserious friendship hit me back with more details about
yourself.I am 26years old,I live alone in Senegal.I am
working from home as a stylist.Iwill tell you more when I
hear from you.Have a fruitful
day.Hugs and

Kisses. With Love,


Glad to meet you!

Standard opening gambit for the Refugee girlfriend whose father was killed leaving her tons of money she needs you to help get out of the country.

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 05:25:07 -0000
From: Mandy Kuku mandy_kuku@mynet.com
Reply-To: mandy_kuku@live.com
Subject: Glad to meet you!

Hello Dear,

How are you dear?. My name is Miss Mandy. I wish to have you as a friend, if you care for my gesture!. Actually, I have an important reasons for asking your interest for a good and serious relationship with us. It will please me, if you can send me a mail. so that, I shall proceed to let to you more about me as well as sending you some of my pictures. Hope to hear from you soon?. Thanks!

Hello dearest one

Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2013 03:35:24 +0000
From: Anita anitakumeh@yahoo.com
Reply-To: anitakumeh004@yahoo.com
Subject: Hello dearest one
To: [redacted]

Hello dearest one,

Please permit me to introduce myself to you. My name is Anita Njamenah Kumeh I am 24 years old and a 2nd year University student. I am the only child of late Mr. Warren Francois Kumeh who was a Real estate agent based in Ivory coast. My mother died when I was yet a kid.

I contacted you in order to seek your assistance to achieve my inherited fund ( US$3 million American Dollars) which has been deposited in a bank in Ivory coast with my name as the next of kin to the deposited fund. This money was deposited by my Father who was later Killed by my wicked and heartless relatives as a result of jealousy and envy. These people attempted to Kill me in order to claim this fund which is the only inheritance of my father that I have its documents. They have claimed every other property that belongs to my father by kidnapping and finally killing the personal lawyer of my father. I Ran away from our family house and presently I am hiding in a ministry very far from home as I feel secured in the house of God. I am afraid of even going back home because They must be tracing my life. Because of this, I decided to find a helper abroad who will help me invest this fund in a lucrative business while I continue my education.

As a matter of fact, I am willing to give you the 30% of my inheritance for your assistance. Also, I will confide the remaining part of my money in your hands for you to invest it for me in any lucrative business you know while I further my education in your country. I am willing to sign any agreement document you wish to provide to justify transparency in all our dealings. Your sex, age, religion, social background and every other personal life does not matter to me as I have no right to object your personal decisions. All I need is your sincerity and transparency in this regard. Please let me know your willingness to help me out of this situation so that I will let you know more about myself including other confidential details.

May our Almighty CREATOR bless you and grant you your heart desires.

Best Regards,
Anita Kumeh