If I have sent you this link, then you need to read this entire article. Please do not contact me or post another comment until you have done so.

It’s really sad that it has come to the point where I have to write a blog entry like this, but there are just too many idiots who are commenting on entries here as if this site were actually hosted by the thieves and miscreants who perpetrate this scam.

People are apparently not reading the heading at the top of the page, nor are they taking time to page through the thousands of examples of this scam, but are sending me their addresses and phones numbers and actually asking when and where they can get their money. Most of these come from the Indian subcontinent, where this scam has moved into the 21st century by attacking victims through SMS phone messages.

This is a SCAM. It’s technically known as the advance fee fraud scam, but more generally known as the Nigerian 419 scam, after the penal code of Nigeria that makes such activity illegal. This penal code is not enforced, obviously.

There is no money! You have not won! These people are thieves who are trying to steal money from you and you are helping them!

The way it works is this: You are informed that you have won a lottery, or that a person in a troubled nation has a fabulous sum of money, part of which can be yours if you help them move it into your country. When you respond, they will arrange details with you, and after several exchanges of correspondence, you will be told that the money is stopped for some reason and that they need you to make a payment to get it moving. This could be in the form of a tax, or a customs duty or transfer/shipping fee, and generally amounts to a couple hundred US dollars. When you pay this money, you will likely never hear from them again, although some of the more bold ones will keep corresponding in the hopes of getting you to pay even higher fees.
Look at the left side of the screen for some links to other websites that expose this fraud in more detail.

If you’re reading this link because I sent it to you in response to a comment you tried to post, then you are the very reason why this scam has survived for the last twenty years. You need to wake up and think! Why aren’t you asking yourself how you won a lottery that you never even entered? Why are there more than a thousand examples of this fraud right here on this page that all say essentially the same thing?

Follow some simple rules to keep yourself safe: NEVER post your personal information on a public forum. That includes address, e-mail and especially your phone number!

36 Responses to Purpose

  1. bhatti says:

    why the Top Level managemnt of Coca- Cola cannot take action against these ghosts, they are using the name and trade mark of coca-cola international , this is question ? they should take action against these agents.

  2. Margaret Ada Bisong says:

    i have received both sms and emails over winning the nokia uk promo. i was asked to contact british airway world cargo no amount was included for me to pay but to contact the couier service. it was signed by Barri. Peter Scott. is it a scam?. pls reply

  3. nema: samera udaynga
    age :24
    mobali no:009[redacted]

  4. sofia says:

    hello I am from Peru and I is going exactly the same but with an American general who is currently in Afghanistan

  5. aparnareguri says:

    sir i didn’t seen your site i paid 1,25,000 to them.please i want my money back.please help me sir.what i should do.they send one copy of vizza and passport that’s why i believe them.sir please help me reply me sir.

  6. Abby Normal says:


  7. faaizan says:

    hi i m faizan frm pakistan mub num [redacted]

  8. Maureen says:

    I Have a person currently trying to get my details to send me a package from Afghanistan Kabul saying that he needs help from me to get this money that he worked for………..

    not sure why is he doing this and why can’t he do it the legal way, what is he going to do next step lets say if i just send him my address?

    Help please

    • kim hae in. says:




      I could not sleep so worry about you until now. 4:40 Am
      mid-mid night here.
      I understand you. That amount of money, so big to handle. Is it regal?

      Before let me know you my details could you tell me your informations?
      1; How many years have you been served as a military?
      from the beginning up to now?
      2: Excuse me but if you don’t mind, I want to know your military ranks and witch army you belong in. What make me convince you.
      3: The same details as you want from me.

      Is it possible for me to get an UN diplomatic immunity delivery?

  9. Faysal says:

    Your Mobil no Has won 500,000.00 pounds in 2015 SPDC lnt’L mobile Draw promo UK To receive your 500,000
    email your name, email id, cell no
    To : spdcp@live.com
    What i do ?

  10. nawaz says:

    is it the Fake ??????

  11. mohd rizal azwan bin mohd rodin says:

    I no money

  12. Elma maribao says:

    Hi I’m Elma maribao, how can I get my money back to Williams Miller

  13. prakash ved says:

    Hi, I received job offer from Dr Alex henry white as house keeping manager in his house and he has business HENRY STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP, in London. He offer me 4300 great British pound sterling per month and said you have to pay u r visa fees in UK Embassy based in India which is 350 pound. what can I do please help me.

  14. Sandy Nihart says:

    I need to forwardb this article. How can i? There is a guyv named Mark William and a woman Name Joan Morganbrunning the exact samevscsm.n they tried on me. So today I’m yoingvto play there bluffv and telk them I will send the money for this “so called” deposit box.n let them sit and wonder why hapoenedcand ehyvthey didn’t receive it. I caught on first thing. think im sn idiot. Not!!

  15. innocent says:

    i was told that I have to collect my luggage from maxlines logistics, but I have to pay R6,980 for tax clearance and for the luggage to be delivered at my door step, the luggage is from UnitedNations (PIM). is a scam ?

  16. Shakir says:

    hi, i just read this page now, but i have already sent my address and phone number. How could I be safe further?

  17. oswaldo manuel lacera laguna says:

    Dios mio perdonalos porque no saben lo que hacen ayudame a salir de l herror que he cometido por no confiar en ti que seaga tu voluntad con estas personas en el nombre de jesucristo

  18. Dieter Pietschmann says:

    Ich habe 850,-€ gezahlt, an die
    Fin-World Bank in HOUSTON/TEXAS
    Für das eröffnen eines Kontos. Jetzt wollen
    Sie 3200,-€ für das aktivieren und senden,
    Meiner Universal- MasterCard. Ich kann dann angeblich, meine Spende von 7 Millionen,überall auf der Welt, in Teilbeträgen abheben.
    Hat irgendjemand Kenntnisse, ob das Betrugsabsichten sind? Oder, ist das OK?

    • Lieber Freund. Sie wurden betrogen. Es gibt keine Fin-World Bank und keine Universal Mastercard, die auf Sie wartet. Sie können Ihre 850 € auf Wiedersehen küssen, Sie werden es nie wieder sehen. Senden Sie NIEMALS Geld an jemanden, den Sie noch nie im Internet getroffen haben, mit dem Versprechen, dass er Ihnen mehr Geld zurückgeben wird. SIE sind der Grund, warum diese Diebe meine Post in den letzten 30 Jahren mit diesem Betrug verstopft haben. Sie sollten sich schämen, aber ich denke, das Geld, das Sie verloren haben, wird das abdecken. 

       Dear friend. You have been scammed.  There is no Fin-World Bank, and no Universal Mastercard waiting for you.  You can kiss your € 850 good bye, you will never see it again. NEVER send money to someone you have never met on the internet with the promise that they will return more money to you.  YOU are the reason these thieves have been clogging my mail with this scam for the last 30 years.  You should be ashamed of yourself, but I think the money you have lost will cover that.

  19. Derrick Dewayne Smith says:

    Well I have a fake delivery DETAILS from I guess from a outside country. I really don’t know where if comes from now . But is saying I won a Million dollars from Microsoft lottery tickets winnings . I been haven it for about 9 years now so I woundering . What was going on with my life it change to me being rich without any money. And I’m still in a fame life like I have a Million dollars.

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