The basic idea here is that if the idiotic Nigerian 419 scammers could actually see their direct competition, they would realize that this pond is overfished, and find some other way to steal a living that doesn’t waste my time and bandwidth.  Of course, if they were that smart, they wouldn’t be doing the 419 scam in the first place.

So this is a salute and a hearty compliments of the season to the thieves who seek further modalities to make a quick buck off hapless western victims.  This scam is long past ripe, and is starting to smell the place up.  That list you bought with all the e-mail addresses has only been used by about a thousand people ahead of you, and if there any potential victims left, they would be out of money by now.  The only one that got scammed is you, because you paid money for that list!

Everyone knows that there’s no money sitting in banks in Nigeria (does Nigeria even have banks?) or Ougoudogou (what kind of a stupid name is that, anyway?). There is no such thing as a Coca Cola or Nokia lottery. You are not dying of cancer, you are not Miriam Abacha, and every plane that ever crashed in Africa was not filled with rich europeans who had no living relatives.

And if you’re going to pretend to be some rich girl in a refugee camp (how do you have internet access?), you better be ready to send me some pictures of your bare titties, or I don’t even want to talk to you.

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  1. Jake says:

    Funny stuff. I think the nigerian scammers’ role model is chimps at keyboards, and just like those chimps, they know if they hit out enough of these messages, sooner or later they are going to produce an actual ripe victim. Since they have absolutely no aspirations but to scam, all they have is time in a boiler room.

  2. lincom says:

    is this tru. they give me the same message telling me that i have won and i went to know wither is tru ot wrong. is that tru?

  3. jan says:

    a guy from sudan claims to be on assylum in south africa and seeks to invest in a business here. I told him i can do it so he wants my id copy proof of residence and account nr to make transfer. Is it a scam?

  4. Ngo Ibuom Paul says:

    A girl by name Lara Abure claims to be an asylum in Dakar, Senegal claiming to have her fathers Dr. Dreamand Abure’s statement of account comprises of $9.7 milliom US Dollars to transfered into my account. Is this true?

  5. vinod kumar says:

    i receive coco cola sms i want to contact to your number or send your email mobile number address

  6. Govind s kharkwal says:


  7. Hi get a message today that hi won 100,000 British Pounds in the ongoing coca-cola/UK promo, E-mail [redacted]@yahoo.com phone and this is my number (08[redacted])pls contact

  8. manikandan says:

    sir i have receive a mail for coca cola promotion lottery, he is just call me to pay for a custom clearence its true sir

  9. Every day – I count up my new ‘worth’ – often in the tens of millions – laugh hysterically about it with hubby and then trash the lot. Do people really fall for these badly written scams?! It amazes me.

    • Every day I open my mail to find a dozen new comments from people – mostly from India and Pakistan – who haven’t bothered to read this blog, claiming they won and demanding their money. It’s real eye-opener on why that part of the world is so poor.

  10. Tom Ollie says:

    To Whom it may concern

    I wish to raise my concern as I was not aware of this scam thing.
    Back in 2010 around November i received this email from this Lady Call Mrs Farida Wazirri say i won this package of USD$10.000 million.She said she was the chairman of the EFCC republic of Nigeria,

    On her email she said to get this package to me i should USD$330.00 for delivery services,i ask her alot of questions as i couldn’t belived that but she insisted that everything was real and true.She even use Gods Name to make me believed in her

    Around may 2011 i started sending this fees.
    She advise me that the fund was loaded into an ATM card

    All funds that was send to the below address

    Send the fees to:
    Receivers name: Godwin Obioma
    Receivers Address: Abuja Nigeria
    Text question: Colour
    Answer: Green
    Amount: $250

    Forward the payment information to
    Mrs. Ricker Susan
    Coordinator, Royal Courier Service Company
    Nigerian Office
    Email: bin2oo@rogers.com
    Tel: 234-8060051296

    After i have send these fees, she advise me again that i have to pay for the Anti Terrorist clearance certificate and Drug Clearance Certificate
    So i paid for these certificates and the package was send.

    The package was stop by Homland Securities London England.

    Below the note from Homeland securities

    Tele: +447024046158

    To whom it may concern,

    Attn: Mrs Farida Waziri,
    Chairman, EFCC
    Lagos Nigeria.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It came to our notice that you are the sender of a package with code no 851006 belonging to Mr. Tom Ollie of Vanuatu.

    This is to inform you that this office have STOPPED this very package, during our interception today at the Luton International Airport London United Kingdom, we find out that you are trying to send a package to Vanuatu without the Identification Clearance International Certificate (ICIC). which other legal document attached with the package clearance are verified and confirmed OK.

    Note that without this certificate I am sorry we can not release the package according to Homland Securities law act of 1968.


    I have to pay for this ICIC certificate again,from there the i was advise the package couldn’t get into my country as not enough goods send to my country.
    I follow up again with her,she advise that the package went missing.
    So She said she cancel the card direct from the royal bank.

    She Instructed me to pay a new ATM card,activation of the card,courier services.
    I only paid for the ATM and the activation of card.
    I haven’t pay for courier services untill today.

    The last email i received from her see below

    Your package is here and you will receive your package i promise you that, i have swear to you in the name of God if only you will listen to my instruction and pay the sum of $280, you will receive your package before Christmas.


    Mrs Farida.


    I lost almost USD$4500.00 excluding western union fees

    Receivers name: Godwin Obioma
    Receivers Address: Abuja Nigeria
    Telephone Number: 00 234 8071837499

    Mrs Farida Wazirri details

    [Chairman EFCC Republic of Nigeria]
    TELEPHONE NUMBER : 00 234 7054941212
    : 00 234 8188117162

    Attached copies of two certificates but I do not have a copy of the ICIC certificate

    Thanks and best regards
    Tom Ollie

  11. Gona post a fake name so people don't scam me duh says:

    @scruffy scirocco
    It amazes me how you persevere with this blog and it horrifies me how many people still think its real! I just received the text, first thing I do is google it. Immediately I knew it was a scam. Come on. Who wins half a million pounds via text from some unknown number and a dodgy looking email address??!! People need to think and use their heads / common sense . I can’t believe how ridiculous some people are and I wanted to congratulate you on your determination and patience. Bravo! Keep it up.

  12. Gona post a fake name so people don't scam me duh says:

    And good grief , some of the BAD spelling and sentence structures on these emails ! Get a grip everyone !That it is all.

  13. Harry says:

    Hell, why even warn people that these are scams? I like your personality Scruffy, but from the way I see it the real victim of these scams is you, spending your valuable time trying to warn people not to fall for these scams. You have to have something better to spend your time on, like fucking your girl or counting the threads in your carpet. Please don’t take offense, I believe you are a very intelligent person and someone I would enjoy having a beer with……..

    ………but REALLY??? If people are that greedy and downright stupid enough to fall for the scam, I say good for the Nigerian goat fucking scammers, there sure isn’t much else in ways of opportunity for them to make a living, and hey at least they are trying to shake a hustle instead of fucking like rabbits and making babies they can’t feed like in the unicef posters one needs only to visit a local elementary school to observe (hell that’s probably a hustle too)

    and to the stupid as fuck, greedy ass people who fall for these scams….

    Fuck You, your stupid as fuck and deserve to loose whatever you lost x10. On top of you loosing your money you should be fined, most likely you are doing other stupid things that are costing the tax payers money somehow. I find it hard that someone stupid enough to fall for this would have enough money to loose $4500 in the first place, unless maybe they were in a coma long enough for their government assistance checks to accumulate.

    I know that sometimes people hit the booze or bong too hard or just have a super weak moment and do something that rates around “epic” on the dumb as fuck scale, hell we’ve all done it, but what separates bad judgement and just being a fuck-tard is what you do next….which I am not going to name names, Tom Ollie, can you see which group your in?

    • Well said, Harry, but it doesn’t take that much time, and the only ones you hear from here are usually the most idiotic of the morons. I get a thousands or so hits a day, so I know it’s doing some good. The idea is to remove as many potential victims from the pool and make life harder for these fucking scammers. Unfortunately, it seems there’s an infinite supply of morons for them to feed off of.

  14. CHOZNO says:

    Soy un supermillonario, hipermillonario, un gigamillonario, recibo decenas de avisos de miribundos/moribundas, gentes exiliadas, contadores de inversores muertos que dejaron millones depositados y YO SOY EL AFORTUNADO A COBRAR DE UN 40 A UN 60 %.
    Estoy en este momento gastando a cuenta para ir a cada banco a retirar esos fondos, supongo que el aviòn debe ser bien grande con todas esas entregas millonarias a mi favor.

  15. frank says:

    Esta me tiene enrredado, gracias a DIOS que no eh dado ningun dato personal.

  16. William Hanson says:

    Hey Even i did received the same email this morning as below. Some one plz stop doing this spamming and this kind of scams. If some times people in need of money and they have got trapped into this kind of scams…

    Lets try to give some punishment to them. Let me know some of your Ideas to punish them, because i don’t trust in our government, they are not going to do anything against it.

    Dear Hanson
    I got your contact in course of my inquiry and Quest to locate any relative of Late Dr. Edward Hanson
    who died few years ago and throughout my search, I was not able to ascertain a genuine relative who
    shall be recipient of his abandoned estate, hence contacting you. I have a serious transaction which
    would interest you that we will both benefit financially.
    If you are interested contact me for further explanation and you can reach me via my personal E-mail for
    more information, waiting to hear from you soonest.
    Have a nice day and God Bless You.
    Please get back to me via my personal email address: mastroidkenga@aol.com
    Yours faithfully,
    Mastroid Kenga.

    William Hanson

  17. DS 1039 Susan Marsden - Kent Police says:

    Hi, please could you contact me – I am interested in the scam involving Bader ALSANAFI and would like contact with whoever posted it. I have had some experience myself of this name.

  18. Dave says:

    Someone named Kurt Christian, an alleged attorney from London contacted me via email about an inheritance. He did not sound Nigerian on the phone. Maybe they have hired others to perpetuate the crime. I’m glad I found this site before persuing..

  19. A.B Razad says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I Abdullah Badur Razad from Sri Lanka is a victim of fraud fund release.It was in period of 2003-2004.These scam people still contact me in various ways to get more money from me.First they got about 2500 pounds.I have details too.Now I got a message from


  20. ALEXIS says:



  22. Hendry K. says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I received an email from Mr. Nick Powell. sir.nick powell@fengv.com> Western Union Departments, dated May 21, 2014 01:05, diawah such as this, along with attachments to attach a scanned copy of your LETTER OF GUARANTEE OF FUNDS and ORIGIN.

    Whether the email was formally issued by Western Union Departments or a fraudulent email from the email sender?
    Please confirmation and explanation.
    Thank you

    Best Regard,

    Hendry K. from Indonesia.
    Western Union Departments
    21 Mei 2014 01.05

    Dear Concern,
    Top of the day to you,
    We hereby attach a scan copy of your LETTER OF GUARANTEE and ORIGIN OF FUNDS in other for you to withhold the faith that once you make the payment of the funds clearance certificate your funds will be realized and transferred to you as soon as possible.
    Be informed once again that your weekly payment has been schedule for (Mondays and Thursdays) respectively till the completion of $659,999 USD (Six Hundred and Fifty-Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred And Ninety-Nine Dollars).
    To advance you must provide you’re:
    SCAN COPY OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT or any form of valid ID, so that we can process your document to change the receiver on the certificate of discharge of the Fund.
    You do need to keep your funds transfer confidential, on till your funds are fully transferred to you, for security reasons.
    Get back to me as soon as possible.
    Best Regard,
    Mr. Nick Powell.

  23. abdul rauf says:

    thanks Please tell me if you want to meet me in Pakistan I am waiting your reply

    I won the prize so please confirmd

  24. jixme norbu says:

    Hey i got a message saying that i won euro 1,415,000GBP Ref from NOKIA.UK. they even gave me their e-mail address and phone number…They want my personal information through e-mail….but they didnt ask for account no. is that true. what should be done.

  25. anilkumar says:

    thank u all fndzz please dont blindly believe any fake emails dont send any details of u rs.. be alert

  26. Karen says:

    It is obviously a scam but I’m just tired of constantly deleting these from my email everyday. What I want to know is what are the authorities doing about this? These people should go to jail for misleading people that are less intelligent and gullible.

    • Very difficult to prosecute, because it goes international, and you have to actually show a loss to file a complaint, and these guys are very good at covering their tracks. The best you can do is dry up the source of their revenue by educating people that this is a scam. If there no willing victims, this would be a a waste of time for them. That’s what this website was originally designed to do, but based on the comments I have to moderate, there seems to be an inexhaustible supply of idiots.

  27. mohd rizal azwan says:

    claim my prize

  28. reda hassan mohamed says:

    I’m won where is my money

  29. Svetla says:

    Thank you, mate. You are doing a great job!

  30. victor davies says:

    how do i get dis paid

  31. Nova says:

    Really thanks to you seting up this site. im always sceptical, even more online and its took me literally 10 seconds to find out that i got a scam mail :D saves me a lot of time. much thanks :D

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