This is a follow on message after the scammer requested $169 to receive a scam compensation package. The intended victim questioned the need to provide $169 to receive the compensation.

From: MRS JENET DIBOR <mrsjenetdibor2@gmail.com> 
Sent: Tuesday, 28 May 2019 2:45 AM
To: mrsjentdibor@gmail.com
Subject: 169 USD ISSUE.


Please do you think your 169:00 Usd is my problem?

Firstly I am well paid in this office where I have worked for more than 5 yrs.

Secondly my Hubby is A Lecturer at KNUST here in Ghana and I have 2 Kids in the private schools where I pay heavily.

This is A compensation been granted you as A result of past experiences with the West African Scammers, instead of you to follow up on instructions and receive this funds you are beating about the bush.

As at the time you were been scammed was I there? As at the time you were remitting monies to Scammers was I there?

If you know you really want this funds pay up as directed and get back to us so we can perform our duties here.

Please your 169 Usd is not and can never be my problem okay.

Thank you.

Yours In Service,
Assistant Secretary of U.S in Nigeria State for African Affairs.

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