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Dear Email Owner/Fund Beneficiary,


Dear: Mr. Kashif Kamal,

We are in receipt of your e-mail and wish to thank you for your Co-operation. Your fund has been deposited with our Affiliate Royal Bank of Scotland foreign remittance department United Kingdom London, in a temporary Account and shall be sent to you on the Approval of your payment. You will receive this fund by Telegraphic Transfer (Bank Wire) or any other means you may wish to your Locality Account / Country Pakistan.

However, the United Nations is no doubt, a momentous achievement in the chequered history of this Organization. On behalf of the entire staff of the United Nations Organization, I wish to congratulate all non-Governmental Organizations who have in no little way contributed immensely towards the success of this draw as well as taking concrete steps towards it’s actualization.This promotion is part of the financial empowerment program of the United Nations Organization in it’s struggle to alleviate poverty.

While basking in the euphoria of this achievement, I wish to seize this opportunity to acquaint you with guidelines as you must follow in order to complete your claims. On our part, we have a mandate to see you through. We will work assiduously to realize this mandate as we respect your views, opinions and most importantly protect your Privacy.

You are advised to Fill UN Fund Transfer Application form in the attach, and send it to Royal Bank of Scotland foreign remittance department. Contact E-mail: .to enable the department start the process of transferring your beneficiary fund to your bank account in Pakistan.

As soon as the department received your application, they shall process and transfer your money to your provided Bank Account. This process will not take more than 7 banking days in as much as you follow the procedure as directed. Contact E-mail:

We anticipate your utmost compliance.

Best Regards,
Payment and release order dept UK London Direct Office lines: +4487197435


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