My hope is on you

from: Victoria Jenny <>
bcc: [redacted]
date: Aug 23, 2021, 12:40 PM
subject: My hope is on you

Please what i want to talk with you is private and personal, but i
have made up my mind to confide in you though i do not know you or met
you before but I want to think that fate has made it this way that i
come in contact with you at this time in my life. It is so sad and
painful for me to know that the people i called my
parents are not my biological parents; it was just few weeks ago that
i came to know that I am an abandoned child who was abandoned on the
road side by an unknown person supposed to be my mother, So i was
adopted into the family of Mr and Mrs.John bougie took me as their
only child because the wife could not get pregnant, I never knew about
myself until now that my adopted parents died in a car accident 2
months ago.

Now I am 21 years old and I am called a bastard by the people I call my family.
After the funeral of my adopted parents, the immediate family members
had a family meeting and concluded that i should leave the family and
they threw me out of the family residence standing on their selfish
point that i am an adopted child, they told me that I do not have
their blood so for that reason i have no place in their family because
of their greed and wickedness just to be able to claim my adopted
parents landed properties which is suppose to be my inheritance as the
only child of my late parents.I have nobody to fight for me, my heart
is broken and my future is now at stake. Presently I am homeless and
have no family to call my own, the only hope I have is that my adopted
father has told me about a bank account he has with a bank and with my
name as the next of kin to the bank account.

Last week I went to the bank to confirm the existence of the bank
account and the money in the account, the bank confirmed the existence
of the the account and money with them and in my name as the next of
kin but the bank manager told me that I cannot have access to the bank
account because of the deposit agreement bond between my late father
and the bank with states that in case of any eventuality/death the
money you should be transferred to His business partner for investment
purpose abroad.
But after explaining my present situation to the bank manager, the
bank manager then advised me to get a business partner who will
represent me in the claim of the inherited money and to complete the
official formalities that will affect the release of the money.

Please, that is the reason I am contacting you, i really need you to
stand for me as the business partner of my late father to claim and
transfer this inherited money to your country.Then you will invest the
money for me into a good business which you will also manage while I
continue my school in your country

My hope is on you

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