Good Day,

from: Mrs Gera Levin <> via
reply-to: Mrs Gera Levin <>
date: Mar 9, 2019, 5:30 AM
subject: Good Day,

Good Day,

how are you i am Mrs Gera Levin From lsrael am suffering from cancerous ailment after the death of my i am in hospital the doctor said i will not be alive till 6 months so i have decided to donate this money to you as i have no child and nobody to be by my side.

The money was deposited with a security and finance firm now i have decided to make the donation to you.the amount is $8.5million.I will need you to send me your details such as Copy of your International Passport or any of your Identity Card, Full Name, Home Address, Phone and Fax Number,Nationality, and Occupation to me after you make the claim i will like you to use part of the money for the church and orphanage home.

Remain bless

Mrs Gera Levin

One Response to Good Day,

  1. Mathai Mannucheril says:

    You bloody dog to whom you are writing pig

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