A lot of people seem to be getting this and thinking it’s real.  People, this is a SCAM, like Everything else on this website!  There is no money, you have not won anything, this is just an attempt to steal from you!  Read here for more:



Nokia warns of scams

Other Nokia lottery scams.

Date: 4 Jan 2012 07:37:35 -0000
From: nokia.m@hotmail.co.uk
Reply-To: nokia.m@hotmail.co.uk
To: “drdavidgreen23@gmail.com” drdavidgreen23@gmail.com

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N !!!










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TEL: +447017666159


Dear Winner,

This is a notification that your (E-mail) has Won the sum of USD: 250,000.00 Two Hundred and Fifty thousand Great Britain Pounds Only, From Nokia International® New Year Award Promo, Held in the United Kingdom And All Over Asian.

Winning Verification Unit Form Below To Fill.
1. Full Name:…………………………….
2. Home Address:……………………………….
3. City of residence:…………………………….
4. Nationality:…………………………………….
5. Occupation:……………………………………
6. Age:…………………………………………….
7. Sex:…………………………………………….
8. Mobile Number………………………….

9. Winning Email Address:………………………….

Once again, the entire members and staff of Nokia International New Year Award Promo, Congratulate you on your success for being path of the 2012 Nokia award winner cash donor

(Event Manager)
Name: Dr. Barr Brown Water

Tel: +44 7017606093.


242 Responses to C O N G R A T U L A T I O N*** FROM NOKIA COMPANY.UK

  1. sarita says:

    this is real or fake

  2. Pankaj kumar says:


    I have win 500000.00 pound from nokiya company u.k london but my parcel not reached me

  3. Pankaj kumar says:

    I am a indian. your nokiya national lottery global (u.k) mobile award 2012 win me. i have won the 500,000.00GBP from nokiya company u.k london but the wining prize not arrived me pleage sending my winning prize at home address.

    • karthik says:

      hey pankaj did you have paid any amount for clearance to get the winning amount rply to this msg

  4. Balachandren says:

    It is my email sir

  5. Bhagyaban Barah says:

    Bhagyaban Baruah
    Dear, Sir I am indian. your nokia company u.k.london email winning award 2012 win me. I have won the 7000,00 pound from nokia company u.k. london. but the wining prize not arrived me pleas sending my winning pirze at home address.

  6. jamilu isah muhammad says:

    hlo sir, i recieved sms for my mobile number.this sms you have won 715,000 pounds and also i filled the another form and my payment details contain ; payment no; NK010G verification no;NK-7925-XH file no; 7541/196/396142251 My country is nigeria and then my (NK code 901) pls sir, is that true? let me know sir my mail is [redacted]@yahoo.com and [redacted]@gmail.com and also my phone number is +[redacted]

  7. km says:

    i have recd email you have won 100000 pounds , but i think it is fraud , peoples of uk have not any work , ( sabhi ko beokoof bante hi ) i hate them

  8. ramakant mahato says:

    fake……..u r nokia company told me that i have win 75000 pounds from lucky draw uk
    their manager came 2 my country india and told me 2 deposit amount 15000 in account-322822178314 of sanjay pancholi and cheated me……………………

    be aware of such things………………………….

  9. ranjana newar says:

    sir i got mes tht nokia mobile award. I won 2crores 35 lakh rs.

  10. pravesh sharma says:

    I am a indian. your nokiya national lottery global (u.k) mobile award 2012 win me. i have won the £750,000 GBP and a NOKIA PHONE (N9) from nokiya company u.k london but the wining prize not arrived me pleage sending my winning prize at home address.

  11. suraj says:

    you will trying to chaet me (aisi certificates mai hazaeron bana sakta hoon)

  12. a.m.mohamedimrankhan says:

    dear sir,
    i am winner of the england nokia promotion award for my mobile . Plz ensure confirmation….

  13. Pingback: Homepage

  14. joseph k.m says:

    the greed of peiple ends in dukkha…….
    sri.jesus and sri.budha taught and warned it ..right?????????

  15. Kripa ram sahu vill [redacted] block bagbahara dist mahasamund cg pin [redacted]

  16. mustafa says:

    I want to clam 250 000 pounds

  17. avnendra says:

    what is sr please tell it real mail or not because i did’t believe this…..Attention:Dear Winner,This is to
    inform you that, your e mail
    Address have won a prize money
    of Seven hundred and fifty
    thousand (£750,000,00) and two
    laptops in the on going NOKIA
    congratulate you for being one of
    the lucky winners. The draw no.

  18. Waqas says:

    Sir mera mobile khrab ho gia hai us ki screen do do appear ho rhi hai plz meri mdad kry

  19. Vishal says:

    Guys,i also got these type of message is it true or not.I think that they will be take information that he require for any purpose.

  20. Manoj kumar yadav says:

    I have got the same mail
    in box today
    call me [redacted]

  21. ashneet says:

    i got the same msg that i have won 5ooooo pounds n bla bla bla… in order to confirm i called jerry morris(the associated person) he said first from rbi i will get the form to fill then the respective address will be send the gifts n all…. i think the way he said seems to be true but my conciousness doesnot allow me to believe it…but since they are not asking for something like money n all so should i procede?

  22. sonubhati says:

    sir mera nokia award promotion 2012 in england claim ka prize dene ke kirpiya kare my number r 97[redacted]

  23. Karthik says:

    Dear sir
    I am karthik the NOKIA AWARD WINNER sir so pls give prize

  24. Karthik says:

    Dear sir I am karthik the£500.000 POUNDS(4crore 6LAKHS) pls send my prize mount immediately my email [redacted]@gmail.com

  25. Murugesan says:

    dear sir i am murugesan the £ 1000000.00 Pls sen my prize amount immediately my email [redacted]@gmail.com

  26. Ratnakar dalai says:

    Hai Sir! My name is ratnakar dalai from india.my mobile no has $500,000pounds from UK.Sir how to receive my pri ze plz send me more details to my email id.[redacted]@gmail.com Thank you sir

  27. manoj kumar says:

    I am a indian. your nokia company london send a message on my mobil ,international lottery global (u.k) mobile award 2012 win me. i have won the £750,000 GBP and a NOKIA PHONE (N9) from nokiya company u.k london but the wining prize not arrived me pleage sending my winning prize at home address.

  28. manoj kumar says:

    fake……..u r nokia company told me that i have win 75000 pounds from lucky draw uk
    their processing manager came 2 my country india and require me amount 24950 cheated me……………………

    be aware of such things………………………….

  29. My num is 99[redacted].and i have got the message that i have won 3 crore 6lakh rupees.I request u to send my amount as quick as possible.my adress is .ismail manzil.[redacted] kumta(u.k)karnataka.

  30. nagaryadav says:

    sir i recwed i mail from nokia award 2012 i am win 700000 gbp in nokia awaed but not answer me
    please contact 99[redacted] email [redacted]@gmail.com thanku

  31. maha fool- says:

    I am the greatest stupid and fool fellow, i gave my details, bank account no.and pan card. now what to do, is there any risk of taking my money from account? please suggest me

  32. akash says:

    i no bank account

  33. binod says:

    it’s totaly scamp

  34. Praveen says:

    I have a message.
    Is it true? Or scam?
    Pls telmy real information.

  35. nitin soni says:

    nokia winner find that 500,000.00(great braitain pound) , what is the matter . but i will see , what is wrong with .

  36. Vijay says:

    Sir, How to solve these type problems?

  37. Rahul Patel says:

    I am a indian. your nokiya national lottery global (u.k) mobile award 2012 win me. i have won the 500,000.00GBP from nokiya company u.k london but the wining prize not arrived me pleage sending my winning prize at home address.

  38. mukesh says:

    Nokia to tha tecnologi

  39. Jitendra Khondale says:

    this is real or fake

  40. rajavarma says:

    Dear Scruffy Scirocco

    Even I got this blood email and I am apologizing on behalf of all the bloody indians who dont know what webpage they have visited nor dont know what they are talking…

  41. narendar singh rathore says:

    Dear sir, winnar of no charge free fees and
    direct account bank information

  42. Faroze Bhat says:

    Sir, Im from J&K India. On 9th Aug 2013 at 4.07 pm I got a call from mobile no 9932246381, saying that we are from Nokia and I have won a prize of Rs 220000 from Nokia company, and I have to pay around Rs 1500 on delivery of voucher which will reach after 6,7 days. Pls tell me about this. Thanks

  43. davis eric phillip says:

    davis eric phillip
    dear sir can u just let me know that is there someone named John Harrison.,Delivery Officer, of Nokia Mobile Company or not because i’ve recieved a mail on my email id informing that i’ve won a lottery held last week and this gentleman is coming to India to deliver my parcel for which they have asked me to deposit 15,500/- INR as cutom charges,so please let me know that is it true or a scam at the earliest. yours

  44. Salman ali says:

    Dear sir I’m deserve this money.thnks

  45. Salman ali says:

    Please don,t forget me for this money

  46. nouman says:

    sir my name is nouman from pakistan and i have recieved sms that i won 750,000 from wins@nokia.org. sir i am very confused ,please kindly tell me about that massage, my mobile number is 03[redacted]

    • Hey Nouman, why don’t you just scroll up tot he top of this article and actually read it and clear up your confusion. I posted the important bit in very big red letters so you wouldn’t miss it, but somehow you still did.

  47. johjoh says:

    i will surely complaint to SP office regarding this kind of messages.

  48. johjoh says:

    we will forward the messages to police station and will give complaint to nokia company.

  49. saleem says:

    Hi friend please don’t reply to mails like you have win a amount of Rs.500000 pounds it is a real scam. Don’t give any personal details to any one

  50. maddy says:

    it is fake don’t replay

  51. pommu raja says:

    Hi sir, your nokia company send the message for my mobile number. your parcel send to the indira gandhi airport from delhi. you can pay rupees 10,300 clearence and service tax.you can pay the money for delivery agent. win for money rs 90 lakhs for indian money. it is true or false.

  52. Hi !
    I’m INDIAN
    I win 1.5 coror rs. , one laptop +one Nokia lumia mob
    But before taken price . He said me that I paid 10, 000 rs. He inform me by phone calls only this terms&conditions toady .
    But I’m not given him money so please help me any one on my mob n. Or email

  53. Raj says:

    Don’t trust on Nokia Lottery Scam msges. Its all fake and waste of time and hope. Frnds try to expose such scams to all and comment ur experience so that no one get cheated by such scams. B’Cos all Indians r my brothers and sisters, We r not fools, right !
    Thank u……………….

  54. vishal sabat says:

    i have also got the msg of getting reward ad laptop..by mistakely i have send my details ..what to do..plz inform

  55. Aseem Beg says:

    your nokia company send me a mail about winning prize (500,000.00GBP) and 20 nokia lumia 920. that is Real or Fake?

  56. Nisha says:

    Hi! I m an indian. I got an e-mail that my id won amnt 85 lakh rupees from nokia company uk & asked me for my address.Now a man named Mr. Silver Balton called me to pay custom duty of rs. 11,901 & after that my cheque got deliver to me. Please suggest me is it real or fake. The man is ready to give me time for the payment.

  57. amardeep kumar says:

    mera 2lakh 20 hajar ka cheque aaya tha .use post office se lene ke liye maine 2200 rs diye.
    pr wo gupt rog ke dawa ka tha ki call karo ager g0tpt rog hai to .
    sb sala yaha fake hai

  58. kalavathy says:

    sir i got a msg that i have won rs 9000000 and i sent my details also and now i realised that he was a fraud. he sent me an email that i have won it and i need to pay rs10300 for delivery. please suggest me how to avoid it?

  59. i believe my own is not a 419
    i sow the copy of my chegue and my no…is A2379uk winning was by my phone no..+3[redacted]5 i was notified by dr thomos walter thank you

    so if you could send the pay throgh my gt acount no…0124148285 i will grateful..thaks

  60. hom says:


    Dear All I got above matter came to nokia center Uk. it is possible i got amount

  61. Sam From Nigeria says:

    Gift…reply is free CONGRATULATIONS! Your mobile number has won £450,000.00GBP in NOKIA-UK MOBILE PROMO. Email: nokiadept@live.co.uk for claims immediately.

    That’s d message I got from this Number +387097033048523

  62. mathew says:

    I’m a Nigerian. I received d same mesage that look like sam’s on d same date… On sending my email. The next thing i saw is something lik this:


  63. mathew says:

    Please read this mesage carefully so that you won’t fall for it. It’s a continuation of d previous one. It seems real but pure fake. I knew it…



  64. mathew says:

    I never fell for it. Though, am young but i knew it’s a fake. I intentionally decided to post this information in full detail bcos ”i don’t want anyone to fall again”. I’ve read all the post in here. I wonder why Indians fell that much… They wanted to play game on me but i’m gonna play them back.

  65. jitendra singh says:

    dear sir
    my name is jitendra singh from kota rajasthan (India)
    today morning i was received a call from Delhi international airport they says to me your parcel already arrive in delhi airport but before you can pay 25000 rupee here of custom money..by sbi bank.. i am telling about my self i am a poor or a student also or in india many of scam by online then i says to them i will pay you directly on delhi airport but they says to me there are visitors not allowed. then i saying i will pay only d.d not to cash. in first case they telling me ok you pay by d.d by when i ask which name i make d.d then they tell me. only cash deposit not to d.d
    then after i am asking account number… they give me a Indian account number not a government no. she name is garima singh or after few minitus the message are automatically delete
    my number is +919680534740
    after one hour later my cell is ringing a international call +442036758169
    please sir check that information or inform me for that call it is true or fake

  66. shaikhamrin says:

    Hi sir,

    I am constantly receiving msgs of you have won a loterry but I know its all fake, but I fade up of such msgs please do some inquiry because It creates a bad impression in India because many people are not aware of such scam.
    I received msg from this no.8882071075 and yeah I always recd msg from new numbers and mostly they are of vodafone company no.
    So please please please kindly do something to stop it.

    • Thea Weir says:

      I understand what you’re saying. I too receive numerous emails claiming that I have won or inherited money. I knew right from the start they were scams. I am getting tired of receiving them as I usually get 2-3 each and every day. If they were true, I would be a multi billionaire by now, lol. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is definitely not true. Be careful out there folks. There are so many more scammers than you can count. Do not ever answer one of these scam emails. They will bring you nothing but grief and will cost you a lot of money for nothing in return.

  67. sayed aquib shah says:

    plz give me money
    I am a poor man my family is very poor please

  68. Kishor Athawale says:

    I got mail that i have own 500000 gbp.in nokia award and asked me to send my original documents and bank account from nokomobilesdpt@mit.tc and nokiaservices@hotmail.com.Send me if it is true or fake.

  69. thirukumaran says:

    I am a indian. your nokiya national lottery global (u.k) EMERGED WINNER OF 90 LAKH & LAPTOP win me. i have won the 500,000.00GBP from nokiya company u.k london but the wining prize not arrived me pleage sending my winning prize at home address.,Rajapalayam-626117,Tamil Nadu.India.My Batch No.GH838QPV.

  70. pankaj kumar says:

    BBhzjsjznbC hahjjaiaja. Ahhahabba. GavuahhBaj. HHbavsvjwjBv aga ba

  71. Gene Parket says:

    i was told him I had one $500,000 in the contact global logistics which I did but in the mean time I contacted the Better Business Bureau and found out that it was a scam but when I emailed global logistics and told him that I knew of this scam they assured me it was legitimate and that upon receipt of my money for the insurance they would give me a tracking number is this the same scam were talking about?

  72. shankar says:

    I got mail that I won price Acmount it true or false statement

  73. sumanth kb says:

    hello sir,,
    i got one message from uk nokia award 2015 that is our mobil no win 3crore 60lakhs INR so if it is yes or not so please si inform me .
    our winning mobile no is [redacted]

  74. shaik ashfaq ahmed says:

    what sir are is this real or not Your Email ID as been Award of 750,000 in the 2015 NOKIA AWARD DRAW And 2 Nokia Lumia 930 Mobile Phones, New Laptop .For more inquiry click reply contact Nokia corporate officer: SIR. William Edgar Richardson).
    Click reply to submit following information

    NOKIA CO-OPERATION will required the following Personal Details.
    Full Names:
    Home Addres:
    Phone No:
    Father’s Name:.
    Mother’s Name:.

  75. jaganatha bharathi. s says:

    Hi..sir, where is my parcel??? I am jaganatha bharathi…. Please not respect to our side…. Please reply must!!!

  76. jaganatha bharathi. s says:

    Hi..sir, where is my parcel??? I am jaganatha bharathi…. Please not respect to our side…. Please reply must!!! Your parcel not reached… It will reach and I will pay 10300 rupees my mobile number : +91xxxxxxxx and mail I’d: bxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

  77. Dolai duryodhana says:

    Hello sir i got 93000 gbp prize from your lotory at 2014 plz sent that delivery to my home adderece. Pleas sir……..

  78. zaitoon borde says:

    I received a sms from Nokia of winning some pounds n some dinesh called from rbi Delhi saying a diplomat is coming from UK to give me the amount n a phone.

    I calledvthe number back n later found it was from internet n rbi etc no. Was different.

    It is really fake i m saved

  79. shekar says:

    Dear Sir I have one complaint I got one email that is I got 90lackhs rupees from Nokia latary dipartment my name is shekar I need claricaifion that is tru are not

  80. Madhav chandarrao dudhate says:

    Thanks for my mobile number winners

  81. MANU says:

    hi ,scurffy
    how to stop these type of scammings?

  82. Vikas Punia says:

    We Recevied Two Message For 1,200,000 Paunds We Ready For Give Money To RBI but they say No They not accept My money for transaction my Fund

  83. bhanu pratap kushwah says:

    sir i have one mail yesterday…….from nokia corperation united kingdom london sel shp……and he wrote today dr james gibson processing officer is coming new delhi in reserve bank of india and call you for fund transfering……tell me its truth or not

  84. vishwajeet says:

    Mere pas bhi is tarah ke msg aye hai jisme 1.2 m ponds Jitne ke bare me likha hai…. plz aap hi btaye ye sach hai ya jhuth

  85. Ramlal kushwaha says:

    mai apna address send kar diya hu aap mera prize dilivery kar do mere diye gaye address par diya gaya address true hai please aap mera prize mere pate par send kar do

  86. Rameshwar prasad prajapati says:

    nokia lottery is truely fake. Bec
    oz it play with human heart.

  87. ashok kumar says:

    p.send my latri amount give me send.

  88. resabsingh says:

    sir i got a message that my mobile no has wan an award of £1.2million pound on 4th jan 2016 if it tru then i want to touch with u very soon my self resab singh then contact me on [redacted]@gmail.com

  89. rishi says:

    Ya i also got an email of winning the price but this is a big scam for fooling us my comment is to stop this cheating

  90. Veerabathula RAJESH kumar says:

    Iam lucky really trust U

  91. Sahajahan hossain says:

    Sir I had received a message that my mobile won 90 lakhs & cell phone in Nokia award. Please ensure that fake or true.

  92. milano says:

    Thts why they target india..lol..

  93. akram molla says:

    sair, my number is won 99 lak, so please, my money transfer in my account, sair, please , poor help u

  94. ABDUL LATHEEF says:

    I have received your email from (dr jamesgibson@yahoo.com)Nokia company uk award winner 2016, £1,200000
    Please complete information reply It is true or false.

  95. saikat khan says:

    he said me to hand over 10500 rupee in his account. after then the courier will deliver my winning gift, a hp laptop & also get 10, 000 pound from Nokia Company(U. k)..
    This iss too much…
    “ye kya tera bap de raha hain? pig son, kutta ka ba66a”..

    Thxx to inform us..

  96. Dinesh kumar. R says:


  97. somashekharpatil says:

    This real or fake ,full details give me

  98. Mahesh says:

    Nokia prize is fully fraud . Don’t go behind it and lose your money

  99. govindharaj says:

    Hi I am G.Govindharaj my mobile [redacted]winning 10300 rs tomorrow you coming delivery so this is true or fake my email [redacted]@gmail.com so message me

  100. sridogesh says:

    sir i have received message from you and also call from indira gandhi international airport but i have no bank account what i do ????????????????????????????????????

  101. Mithun Kumar says:

    i received a mail about winning 90 lakhs rupees Indian money … Am I really the winner?? Tomorrow they said that they will come to my address and give the winning amount to me….suggest me please …

  102. jhili Mishra says:


  103. Nokia mobile awade says:

    Nokia mobile award 11/04/2016 mera award prize avi tak nahi aya winner name kameshwar rai [redacted]@gmail.com

  104. sania nadeem says:

    Nokia mobile award 15|110|2016 1,000,000 USD plzzzz mje ye kb recieve hogi plzzz in form me my email……sanoch222@gmail.com

  105. zaid bin omer says:

    zaid bin omer i got a message in my mobile nokia prize winning of 90lakhs just confirmation i think it fake

  106. zaid bin omer says:

    hello i got message on 15 sep i win 90lakhs indian rupees in nokia prize uk they send guareenty bank letter please conform

  107. T.murugesan says:

    I am winning prize 90lokch Batch no GH838QPV

  108. sandip says:

    I also congrats by Nokia UK tomorrow call me new Delhi with adminstration fee it’s fake or true

  109. bikash gurung says:

    Is this real or fake

  110. Rahool says:

    same as with me i found such email.. they assure that on 17 th march team will come and they will provide you kegal documents as well as amount and iphone….
    but iam feeling that its fake….
    but lets see whats happening
    Rahool +[redacted]

  111. Sohailzafar says:

    Dir sir my 1000000 lottery winner is no respons

  112. midhun says:

    I got a message from nokia ,uk company that “YOUR CELL NUMBER HAS EMERGE WINNER OF Rs.90LAKHS FROM NOKIA COMPANY UK,MAIL YOUR NAME,ADDRES,CELL NO,AGE,SEX,BATCH NO:GH838QPV TO:nokiaclaimprizecenter@live.com”.

  113. Devaraj.k.n says:

    It’s just a fake one.
    They just trying to steal money from people who fall with this .

  114. M Akram shaad says:

    M akram shad ..City .Haveli lakha.Disst okara..Pakistan.I have racievd .Sms .I am win six laakh From nokia company of uk award…Pls gave me my award….

  115. M Akram shaad says:

    My name .M akram shaad. city…..Haveli lakha.Tehsil depal pur disst. Okara..Pakistan……..I have racieved your sms mr daivad…Pls call me more infarmation….My mobile no..[redacted]….

  116. M Akram shaad says:

    M akram shaad.City haveli lakha.Disst okara. Pakistan.Mobile no ..[redacted]

  117. Ajahar uddin says:

    my prize in stock in dehli airport
    plz sir i am a very poor
    plz giv me my prize

  118. ussedu@gmail.com says:

    It is true or fake message tell me any

  119. dolat says:

    sb ke sb fake h koi bhi apna details na de ye iska glt usu lete h.
    terrorist ko support krte h apne details se
    so please koi bhi apna personal details na de

    thank you

  120. Kamaliya pratap says:

    Dear sir,i am kamaliya pratap . I won the prize 90 lakhs.i have received the sms July 2.i complaint your company already but it’s not reply please answer me.my contact number [redacted] /please say true ya falls

  121. Lekshmi prasad says:

    Today i gt a msg lik same i got 90 lakh nd nw the representative is in india. New delhi airport. I hav to send 10,300 to an ac no for the customs requirement. Wht shuld do??

  122. Hayat Khan says:

    Very niCe

  123. David Thorat says:

    I have got like this msg & mail is it true or fake pls ans

  124. NIMISHA MOHAN says:

    This same message in my inbox….what is this? Fakeeeeeeeee ….

  125. NIMISHA MOHAN says:

    The same message in my inbox ..what is thissss???fakeeeeee

  126. Ashoka says:

    Ashoka poojary
    Sasthan udupi
    Udupi distic/t/q

    Age 26

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