Attn Beneficiary:

from: Mr Eric Mark <>
date: Aug 18, 2022, 11:38 AM
subject: Attn Beneficiary:

Attn Beneficiary:

This is Reverend father Eric from Catholic charities of Eastern Virginia USA 5361 Virginia Beach Blvd A, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, United States

This fund is from our ministry at catholic charities we help people, regardless of their faith, who are struggling with poverty and any complex issue and with the support of our member agencies in our network we donate the sum of $6.4 billion dollar this year and we are giving each person the sum of $8.2 million dollars which your among the lucky one

Mean while please kindly verify your information where you will like to receive your fund such as,

1Your Full Name;___
2Your Age______________________
3Your Home Address;_
4 Your Email address
5 Your Nearest Airports;

6 Your Direct telephone. Fax Number ( if any)
Your AGE and what you do for a living

Bishop: Barry C. Knestout

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