Are you dead or alive?

from: Credit Suisse Bank <> via
to: [Redacted]
subject: Are you dead or alive?

For your Kind Attention,

We received an email from a certain Mrs. Felicia Allison Cruz who said that she is your attorney/partner, that we should stop contacting you as you had a car accident and in critical condition in hospital. She wanted us to wire  your total sum of $7.6million  to her via her bank account in New York City.

We need to get your approval for the release of the fund to your attorney/partner ASAP.If you did not authorize her,then we request you to  send your  personal details as soon as possible to enable us finalize the immediate release of your fund to you.

This matter is being handled by the banks attorney/consultant Atty Henry Longman and you have to contact him via his email

Do contact him and send him  below details.

1. Your name: ——————————–
2. Your address: —————————–
3. Your telephone: —————————–
4. Age —————————————-
5. Sex: ——————————– ———
6. Your occupation: ——————————
7. Your identification: —————————-

Best Regards,

Mrs Joan Johnson

Credit Suisse Bank.

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