ATTN: Urgent and Confidential letter

Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 14:33:07 +0800 (SGT)
From: Tiana Antananarivo
Reply-To: Tiana Antananarivo
Subject: ATTN: Urgent and Confidential letter
To: [redacted]

Good day [redacted],

Good day. I am Mrs. Tiana A. Antananarivo, Head, Payment Services, Emirates NBD in Dubai, UAE. I am getting in touch with you regarding an extremely important and urgent matter.

Please find attached our official bank letter with all details you need to know. Kindly handle the information in the attached letter as top secret. I await your immediate response to my confidential email in the attached letter.

Mrs. Tiana A. Antananarivo (Head, Payment Services)
Direct Tel: +971 556965718
Confidential Email:

11th Floor, Emirates NBD Group Headquarters Baniyas Road
Deira P.O. Box 777. Dubai, UAE
I am Mrs. Tiana A. Antananarivo, Head, Payment Services, Emirates NBD, Dubai, UAE. I
am getting in touch with you regarding the estate of a deceased client who had an investment
placed under our banks management. I would respectfully request that you keep the contents
of this mail confidential and respect the integrity of the information you come by as a result
of this mail. I contact you independently and no one is informed of this communication.
In the year 2003, the subject matter, Mr. Kelvin Emerson came to our bank to engage in
business discussions with our private banking division. He informed us that he had a
financial portfolio of $13M (Thirteen Million US Dollars), which he wished to have us invest on his behalf.
Based on my advice, we spun the money around various opportunities and made attractive
interest margins for our first 5 years of operation, the accrued profit and interest stood at this
point at $609K (Six Hundred and Nine Thousand US Dollars). In late 2008, he instructed that
the principal sum and the accrued interest, Thirteen Million, Six Hundred and Nine Thousand
Dollars ($13.609M) be liquidated because he needed to make an urgent investment requiring
cash payments in Antwerp, Belgium. He directed that I liquidate the funds and had it
deposited with a security consultancy firm based in London, United Kingdom. The firm is an
especially private firm that accepts deposits from high net worth individuals and blue chip
corporations that handle valuable products or undertake transactions that need immediate
access to cash. However the firm got in touch with us late last year, informing us that this
money has not been claimed since his death at the age of 84 in May 22, 2010 in the plane
crash on Air India Express flying from Dubai to Mangalore City, India. He neither mentioned
a next of kin or beneficiary in our records as well as the records of the security firm. As his
personal account manager and financial advisor, the security firm as well as management of
my bank has been on me since last year till date to provide a next of kin or beneficiary to his
estate. Unfortunately, he died intestate, because he neither had a wife nor child while he was
alive. I feel he didnt make a mistake about this; he purposely wanted this money to go to
Charity after he dies. However, he failed to know that when one who has no next of kin or beneficiary dies, the State takes over his estate and all he ever worked for.
What I propose is, since you share same last name with him and since I have exclusive access
to his file, you will be made the beneficiary of these funds and sole executor to his estate. No
one is aware of his money apart from me and with proper documentation; we can establish
that you are the sole authorized beneficiary. I am prepared to instruct the security firm to
release the deposit to you as his beneficiary. A beneficiary can be legally assigned to any
person who does not nominate a next of kin to an estate. I know this might be heavy for you
but please trust me on this. In the banking sector, this happens daily, we see so much cash
and funds being re-assigned daily. The other option is that the money will revert back to the State to some corrupt top government officials as I mentioned earlier.
Do not betray my confidence; no one has this information apart from you. I can assure you
there is nothing wrong in you being the beneficiary as far as we are able to back the claim up
with due legal documentation, especially for the fact you bear same last name. So kindly
handle this as privileged information. Do get back to me with your contact details if you are 1
positive we can do this together. I await your urgent response. Faithfully,
Mrs. Tiana A. Antananarivo (Head, Payment Services)
Direct Tel: +971 556965718
Confidential Email:

3 Responses to ATTN: Urgent and Confidential letter

  1. S Nadeem says:

    Surprisingly we also got the mail from mrs tiana.a however we are also replying to her mails by giving her fake info

  2. Sujoy Sarkar says:

    hahahaha, same here and I replied

    Thanks for being such good friend.. But unfortunately I am going to Himalaya leaving my family, jobs, materials and all behind. If u ever come there don’t miss to meet me… When u have found me here u will find me in Himalaya for sure… In chilling cold we’ll have good night-out..

    with love and peace
    Swami Sujoyananda

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