from: Mr. Adam Mike upsocc@gmail.com
reply-to: davidben81@aol.com
date: Feb 2, 2023, 7:16 AM
subject: Hi!


Good day my dear. I am Mr. Adam Mike, I write this morning to let you
know that your payment of USD$35 Million usd has been released by
Customs. Since they seized this fund few years ago, I have been trying
all my best to get it back to you. I suffered a lot to ensure you
achieve this goal and thank God almighty for his wonderful work

I converted the total sum to ATM MasterCard so that they can ship it
to your current address because I know you might have packed in to
your new house by now. You are going to receive an ATM Card from the
ATM MasterCard Center once you make contact with them.

The Card pin code is {5655}. With the card you can buy goods and
whatever you need online and it works worldwide, you can make transfer
to your personal Bank account from this Card.

You need to contact Mr.Eze: for the delivery of your ATM Card payment:

Contact Name: Mr. Paul Eze
ATM MasterCard Payment
( mrpauleze10@gmail.com )
Call me or Text: +1 (213) 245 315 0618

Note that you need to send your current address to Mr. Godwin M: to
avoid wrong delivery: All you are requiring to do now is to reconfirm
the following information.

(1) Your full name
(2) Complete Address
(3) Copy of identity card
(4) Mobile number
(5) Occupation
(6) Your Airport

Thanks for being patient with me for while. I will not be available
till July 30th because am traveling out for some courses. Will get in
touch with you when I comes to share the Goodness of the lord.

Thank you.
Mr. Adam Mike

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