from: Lewis Brown <>
date: Sep 13, 2022, 1:17 AM
subject: GOOD DAY

Greetings to you. I have a very urgent & confidential Business

Proposition for our mutual benefits. Twenty two years ago as a young

banker, a Customer, Douglas .J. Stone, an OilMerchant/ Contractor with

the Nigeria National Petroleum corporation deposited the sum ofUS$32

Million in my branch.Recently, I sent a routine notification to his

forwarded address but got no reply.After a month I sent a reminder, then

I discovered from his contract employer, NNPC, that Douglas .J. Stone was

dead. He died in 9/11 terrorist attack in the USA. On further investigation

I found out that he did not leave a will and he did not declare any Next of

kin in all his official documents. My proposal is that i will like you to

stand in as the Next of kin being a foreigner.

This is simple, all I require from you is honesty and co-operation to enable

us see this deal through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a

legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. I

will want you to send to me on your return email the following

information for the transfer in your favour.

  1. Your full names.
  2. Your contact address.
  3. Your private phone and fax numbers

I propose a 50/50 sharing formula. Most importantly, this must be CONFIDENTIAL,

this is needed for the success of this transaction.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and understanding.


Lewis Brown.

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