Von: Ikenna Okwuelu
Gesendet: Montag, 12. September 2022 um 17:32:42 MESZ

Avenue Pape Jean Paul II.
Boîte postale : 08 BP 0879
Cotonou, Benin Republic

My Office have received all the overdue outstanding payments owed to the following: firms, contractors, inheritance next of kin and lottery
beneficiaries that was originated from Africa, Europe, Americans, Asia including Middle East and we are mandated by the International
Monetary Fund (IMF) to effect the your payment via one of the following payment option;

(1) Payment via Certified Bank Draft $358 Dollars
(2) Payment via ATM Visa/ Master Card $375 Dollars
(3) Payment via Western Union $390 Dollars
(4) Payment via Bank Transfer $398 Dollars
(5) Payment Via Bitcoin Wallet $450 Dollars
(6) Payment via Gift Card Google Play Card $385
(7) Payment Via Online Banking $399 Dollars
(8) Payment Via Consignment Box $389 Dollars

You are advised to choose between these payment option and we will process and effect it to you without further delay. Again, IMF
instructed that before your said fund can be effected via any of your chosen payment option,

Once you make a choice on the payment option, we will process your payment and effect it without delay.

Thanks for your co-operation, we wish you a pleasant day while we are waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Your Faithfully,
BOA-BENIN Customers Care

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