Attn; My Dear

from: Shri Karnad Gupta <>
bcc: [redacted]
date: Sep 11, 2022, 5:58 AM
subject: Attn; My Dear

Attn; My Dear

It’s my pleasure to inform you that your name appeared in the list of
beneficiaries not yet received their approved fund. Due to over
delayed and inability to claim your approved fund, in this regard you
are among the 6 beneficiaries approved to receive a compensation sum
approved by the Debt Reconciliation Department United Nations
Organization India. Your fund has been approved and the ATM card has
been programmed to be sent to you via DHL Express Courier to enable
you withdraw per day USD$9,500.00 equivalently until all your funds
are withdrawn by you. You are requested to contact Gen Basheer Aminu
Yusuf being the Director DHL Express India with below information who
is in-charge of your payment to enable him forward your Bank ATM Card
to your address.

Contact Person: Gen Basheer Aminu Yusuf
Amount: US$4,500,000 00 DOLLARS
Your payment reference code Number; MTM/PTF/0041/21

Kindly contact the person who is in position to release your ATM
Payment Card. Send your information which they will use to send the
card to you.

  1. Your full name
  2. Your home address
  3. Current occupation
  4. Age
  5. Your current home telephone number/mobile phone number:
  6. A Copy of your identification

Have a nice day.

Shri Karnad Gupta

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