Von: World Bank
Betreff: Attention


This is to inform you that the World Bank has agreed to compensate you with the sum of Nine Hundred Fifty Thousand US Dollars ($950,000USD) as a compensation exercise conducted worldwide.

You are one of the beneficiaries to receive a compensation fund worth $950,000USD only from the World Bank compensation office Burkina Faso as compensation for being a scam victim and for corona-virus fund assistance to individuals and companies and corporate bodies all over the world.

Your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive the sum of $950,000.00USD, credited to Western Union Money Transfer that was set up for you and it has been approved for immediate transfer to you.

You were meant to be receiving $5,000USD daily until it completes the correct amount of $950,000.00USD for better understanding of what I mean, you can visit any Western Union agent nearest to you and confirm the following information.

Reference #5966990170

They told us that they will be sending the sum of $5,000.00 to you every day until the total sum is completed $950,000.00.

Once you pick the first transaction, you should try to let them know so that they can send you another payment.

Contact the Western Union Money Transfer agent Burkina Faso office below on; Name; Mr. Vick Omo

(Foreign Operation Manager)


Best regards,

Mr. George Mari

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