Greetings from Kyiv and Halych Greek Catholic Church,

There is no such thing as a “Greek Catholic” church in Kyiv.  It would be an Orthodox church, not Catholic, and it would be Ukrainian or Russian, not Greek.

from: Reverend Sister Alfira Miguel <>
to: Recipients <>
date: Jul 2, 2022, 7:56 PM
subject: Greetings from Kyiv and Halych Greek Catholic Church,

Greetings from Kyiv and Halych Greek Catholic Church,

My name is Reverend Sister Alfira Miguel; I am serving under His eminence Sviatoslav Shevchuk Archbishop of Kyiv and Halych Greek Catholic Church here in Ukraine. On my apostolic work I am closed with a Ukrainian German based business man who joined the Ukrainian Army with his wife and unfortunately met their untimely death as a result of Russian Invasion.

The couple who died as a result of bomb explosion  left 5 (Five) years old  daughter and 8 (Eight) years old daughter behind, the daughters have been flown to abroad and they are currently with  my co- Reverend  Sister in one of the  Parish. Before my dear friends met their untimely death as result of the ongoing war, he invested in life insurance with an insurance company  and the investment worth EUR 19.6 Million only. Since death of my lovely friends, I was opportune to have a privilege information about the consultant in charge of the insurance investment , I contacted him and we equally discussed how we can retrieve the insurance investment and reinvest the  facility in other lucrative  project that will yield more than the insurance investment.

 I am contacting your company to assist in   retrieving the insurance investment made by my  late friends from the insurance company on behalf of their lovely children; and  thereafter reinvest in your company on a certain annual return on investment . My meeting with Archbishop will determine the precise figure, I anticipate greatly for your positive response.

I have put a call across to the legal consultant in charge of the deceased clients file and he confirmed that it will take an official guarantee and recommendation from the Archbishop to issue authorization for the payment of his late client funds which might be channel to a trusted person on agreement. The insurance company will release the funds if the agreement is signed, considering my mutual relationship with deceased couple .


1, EUR 1 million or above will be used to purchase apartment on behalf of the children

2. EUR 1 Million will be fixed for their education and hiring of a maid and house keepers

3. EUR 17.5 Million will be invested in any lucrative business in your country

4. EUR 100,000.00 will be used to service contingency fees

Hence, I am not a business woman or neither am I knowledgeable in any form of investment, I appeal to you to assist in giving these innocent orphans hope and I know that you have the capacity to act Just like their guardian. The most painful thing is that the poor girl of 5 (Five) years old has leukemia and attention is direly and  seriously needed, I solicit for your support to assist this children get their parents investment from the insurance firm and thereafter invest it in your company or into a lucrative venture in country.

Kind Regards,

Reverend Sister Alfira Miguel

Missionary to Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Kiev

Cathedral: Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

Address: Mykilsko-Slobidska St, 5, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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