Re: Regarding Of My Late Father’s Fund $10,200,000

Von: Jenneh Kandeh <>  
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Gesendet: Freitag, 24. Juni 2022, 21:04:35 MESZ
Betreff: Re: Regarding Of My Late Father's Fund $10,200,000


I am Jenneh Kandeh from FreeTown Sierra Leone Time of opposed to the government of President Tejan Kebbah the ex-leader since 21st November 2005, I’m current residing in Benin due to the war of my country my mother was killed on 04/01/2002 for Sierra Leone civil war and I am a only child, sad that my father passed away on 25/11/2018.

during the war my father made some money through the sales of Diamonds to the sum of $10,200,000.

This fund is currently and secretly kept in ECOWAS company in Benin, due to political turmoil which exists in Africa, I cannot invest the money alone, hence am soliciting your help to help me take these funds

into your custody for invest.

I want to add here that if agreed 35% that’s $3,570,000 of the total worth of the fund will be yours minus your total expenses incurred during the clearing of the fund in P/Novo Benin.

I’m wait to hear from you

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