from: Mrs. Amelia Sophia <>
to: Recipients <>
date: Jun 10, 2022, 8:21 AM
subject: Attn:


How are you ?, I hope you are doing Fine, my name is Mrs. Amelia Sophia, am a widow from London, I lost my husband from covid two years ago, he deposited the sum of US$15,000,000.00 (fifteen Million United States Dollars Only) in his crypto currency wallet since 2015, and this funds has accumulated interest making the total sum in his wallet US$35,000,000.00 (thirty Five Million United States Dollars Only).

I write you this mail soliciting you to help me invest this total sum in any lucrative business that you may Deem fit, but note that before this transaction will be effective, you must have crypto currency wallet so that the funds can be transfered to you to enable you to go on with the intended business.

1.Send me your full name
2. your Address
3.your whatsapp Number

To enable me prepare An Agreement which you will sign And send Back to me Before we proceed


Mrs. Amelia Sophia

One Response to Attn:

  1. hanselmar says:

    Now scammers have discovered cryptocurrencies as a tool to take advantage of people.

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