Re: Investment Inquiry !!!

from: Mr Julius Kpako <>
date: Mar 23, 2022, 6:10 AM
subject: Re: Investment Inquiry !!!

 Dear Friend,

Hello,How are you and your family i hope fine?am sure that you and your family are safe? from this deadly global pandemic that is troubling entire world at the moment.please try and keep all safety measures,maintaining social distancing and use of hand sanitizers etc.we shall not loose any of our love ones,we all must survive it.

My name is Mr.Julius Kpako a Branch Manager of Financial Institution in Ghana,I have a business proposal worth of $11,500.000.00 that will benefit the both of us.which will make our life better in the nearest future,I wish to discuss with you.I am interested to transfer and invest in your country through your assistance if possible.

I contacted you because I cannot be directly involve.because am still working with the Financial Institution as the Branch Manager.but am here to guide you throughout the completion of the transaction to any account of your assuring you that it shall be a happy ending.with your co-operation and if you are ready to work with me trust,faith and in confidence.because it is %100 Risk Free from you,

Please if you are Interested you can contact me through my private E-mail for More Details:

Best regards,

Wish you and your family healthy and wealthy for the Year

Mr.Julius Kpako

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