I am eagerly waiting to receive your response!

from: Juliet Paul <julietpaul73@gmail.com>
reply-to: juliet_paul32@yahoo.com
bcc: [redacted]
date: Jan 28, 2022, 2:47 AM
subject: I am eagerly waiting to receive your response!

Investment proposal from Juliet Paul
It’s a pleasure to write to you after review, because I may
could not see you face to face, first; please, I need yours
I’m Miss Juliet Paul. only daughter of the late Mr. Nguessan Paul,
from the Ivory Coast. my father put the sum off
($ 6,800,000.00) in a bank here on Ivory Coast before his death,
he used my name as his relative and recipient of the money
after his death he signed a bond with the bank that prevented me
from access to the money here if they are not transferred abroad for
investment purposes.

Now I am looking for a reliable person who can help me transfer and take
against the money with his bank account abroad where I will have
access the money and also work with the person for one
lifetime investment abroad with the money.

please reply me so I can give you more information and we
discusses how we can benefit you and me in the future. We
should discuss what becomes of your percentage after the transfer when
you answer. Thanks for your consideration.

julia paul

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