from: Bank of England <>
date: Dec 18, 2021, 4:25 AM
subject: payment



Yours Faithfully
Director and CEO
Mr. Andrew John Bailey
Bank of England

************ Attachment ************

Head Office: Branch Office: Pretoria
Thread needle Street, Reserve Bank Building
London, EC2R 8AH. 370 Helen Joseph Streets. 0001
United Kingdom. South Africa.

Greetings Beneficiary.

My name is Mr. Andrew John Bailey, and am from Bank of England this message serves to inform you
that the joint agency have finally concluded arrangements towards your lottery payment, Retirement,
Contract, Inheritance, and also for reported SCAMMED VICTIMS which has been on hold here in
our bank and our revenue service department for a long period of time due to lack of cooperation and
communicating with wrong officials of the Bank, in view to this the Ministry of Finance in conjunction
with Bank of England and the United Kingdom Inland Revenue gathered concerning how all delayed
winnings/contract and inheritance, funds will be immediately released into designated Bank Account of
the beneficiary in your country without further delay since we’re at the end of the economical year
2020/2021 which is now due to be released since the said funds belonged to you.

We apologies for the delay of your payment and all the inconveniences that this may have caused during
our ongoing investigation on the reason for delay, however we have made contact with the Reserve
Bank Of South Africa to handle the Final Release of your fund into your account since you cannot meet
up all the charges requested for the release of fund into your account as the beneficiary internationally
go through the link to see those that has accepted to use their humble offices to see that this procedure is
a success (

The Bank of England Director (Mr. Spencer Dale and Dr S. Bernanke from America Federal Reserve
Bank New York) also sounded a very serious word of warning and issued the last instructions/order to
the revenue Service Department England to quickly release all funds placed on hold which is either in an
escrow Account or vaults of any Bank respectively to the sole beneficiaries which your name has been
listed in our database for compensation, To Claim Your Fund you will need to contact the office of the
Reserve Bank Of South Africa Deputy Remittance Account Department- Mr. Kuben Naidoo as the
Reserve Bank does not deal with individuals but Banks; you are advice to contact Mr. Kuben Naidoo on
the email address: ( or call his direct line on this direct mobile line: +27
840401416 with your details make sure you give him all your cooperation to guide you through the
clearing and the processing formalities for immediate release of your benefited fund into your designated
Bank Account.

Provide below the requested detail when contacting Mr. Kuben Naidoo for official clarity.



Yours Faithfully

Director and CEO

Mr. Andrew John Bailey

Bank of England

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