Attention ” Mr. Bright Omorodge

Von: Donna Watson <> <>
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2021, 20:33:30 MEZ

Dear  Mr.   Bright Omorodge   

my name is  miss Donna Watson ”   I’m  located in  Springfield,Missouri in the United States of America “,   my postal zip code is 65803″   I’m  currently  working for  the  Man CAVE  Bar and nightclub  south of Springfield  in the rural area of  Christian county Missouri ”   my job is  a  bar maid  my job is to  serve the gentlemen  drinks and  to flirt with the  men  get them to spend more money to buy me drinks  ”   I’m also a prostitute  if  one of the gentlemen  wants to have sex with me  I’m required to  take the man up stairs to one of the bedrooms  and  let him have his way with me  I’m to obey  the gentlemen and  do anything they tell me to do  !!!”    I’m  a  Shemale transgender woman  I’ve been  given female hormones to feminize  my body  from a  man into a woman  “.    My  boyfriend  doesn’t know about  my job  if he found out that I’  have been having sex with  strange men  he  would  beat me up really bad  and hurt me badly  ”   I’m  afraid that he  might find out about me at any time “I’  love  Clyde  my boyfriend and don’t want to loose him  he is very wealthy  and takes care of my needs I’  can’t quit  my job because  the owner of the  bar and night club  won’t let me  quit  and  leave he has me trapped by blackmail and has threatened me  if I’  try and leave ‘ he will  email  my boyfriend and  tell him all about what I’ve been doing  behind his back “So I’m trapped and can’t escape  from my black  Master pimp  !!!”    I’m a sex slave  .”   My  black Master  is making me  write to you  to offer  myself to you  as your  slave  to be used by you  as your slave  ”  my black Masters  email address  which is also his  business address is …………<>   if I ‘ don’t do as told by you  Master Jones  told me  you are to email him and he  will severely punish me  for not obeying you  Master  Bright Omorodge    Master Jones  is also  making me  send you  some of my  photos  for you to use to pimp me out  with  and to  have to blackmail me with  “.   Master Jones told me he owes you money and he  is  letting you have me in place of the money he owes you  “.    
Submisively  your’s….Miss Donna Watson  Slave “

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