Hope you are having a great week

from: Edifício Torres <alfredatwood45@gmail.com>
reply-to: edificiotorres5@gmail.com
bcc: [redacted]
date: Oct 5, 2021, 2:10 AM
subject: Hope you are having a great week

Greetings to you,

A desperate search for a reliable and capable foreign partner is what led me to send you this email.  

I am one of the Procurement Officers with the Angolan National Petroleum and Gas Agency (ANPG). I am writing to extend a business request for you to stand as an agent or middle-man in a crude oil supply contract.

I am assuring you that good profits will be earned from the commission that will be paid to middle-persons. I will provide exclusive details to you upon your acceptance.

Yours sincerely,

Cancio Rogelio
Procurement Officer


Edifício Torres do Carmo
Tor-re 2, Rua Lopes de Lima,
Dis-trito Urbano da Ingombota,
Luanda – República de Angol
Email edificiotorres5@gmail.com

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