from: Tiia Tuovinen <>
reply-to: "" <>
date: Sep 7, 2021, 10:03 AM

Welcome to OP Financial Group Bank
Headquarters|: Teollisuuskatu 1b
00510 00510 Helsinki Finland
telephone service
+358 (0)100 0555
+358 50 5239904
Fax: 010 253 1333
Update: September 4,2021

Dear ID Owner,

OP Financial Group is one of the largest financial companies in Finland. It consists of 180 cooperative banks and their central organization founded in 1891, is one of the largest financial institutions in Finland.

OP Financial Group Bank has received full instruction from World central organization and United Nation world Power/Federal Government of the Central Bank United States of America and Euroupean Credt Union to credited full iherintance payment sum of €39 Million Euros into a new ATM Master card in your name and send it to you as soon as you comply with our directive.

And the new ATM Master card we will credited in your name and sent to you can be use to withdrawal sum of €5000 Euros every per day transaction equivalent to any local currency in the whole world until you withdraw the total sum of €39 Million Euros credited in your name.

You will also use the new ATM Master Card to transfer money to any Bank of your choice in your country with maximum amount of €50,000 Euros every per day transaction through POS or any bank has ATM Machine in your country at your convenient time, You can also purchase stuffs online with the ATM Master card as its secure and safe until you withdraw full amount of €39 Million Euros credited on your behalf from OP Financial Group Bank Finland.

For Assurance Delivery your ATM Master card to you, Contact President and Group CEO of OP Financial Group Bank Finland with below information.

Contact Person: Timo Ritakallio
President and Group CEO OP Financial Group Bank Finland
telephone service
+358 (0)100 0555
Fax: 010 253 1333
Bank Website:

And below is your personal information required for easier delivery your ATM Master card package to you before 72hours today.

Your Full Name::……….

Your Full Address::…..

Your Direct Phone Numbers:…………

A copy of your ID Card or driving Licence needed:….

Please note that we are only using World Courier Company Finland to deliver your ATM Package to you because it is the only company we signed a contract with so far, so we can actually monitor the delivery of your ATM Card worth €39 Million Euros online to avoid lost.

There is nothing much in your ATM shipment arrangement, the only payment courier companies anywhere in the world asks of is just delivery fees and Insurance fees, which is very understandable,  please you have to be very careful online scam, the Euroupean Credit Union has warned all the security agencies to desist from an illegal act, as this Fund is been sent to you due to the rate of poverty during pandemic COVID-19 Coronavirus, and no one has the power to stop your ATM shipment on the way any more.

The World Courier Company Finland responsible for your ATM Card shipment required delivery fees and Insurance fees €170 Euros only.

Delivery Fees: …………€40 Euros
ATM Package Insurance Fees:…….€55 Euros
Custom/Immigration Paper clearance Documents fees: €75 Euros
Total Fees: ……..€170 Euros only

The reason why you must send €170 Euros needed for your ATM Insurance fees/Delivery fees is because your funds is sign protected by Euroupean Credit Union Fund Insurance cooperation which prevent us from deducting the fees €170 Euros from your €39 Million Euros until the total fund in ATM Master Card delivered to you as beneficiary because that is agreement sign on your fund grant files before approval with OP Financial Group Bank Finland.

So, get back to us in time as soon as possible with your full information require because you must pay for your ATM CARD delivery fees before we register your ATM Master Card and all documents backup your payment files with World Courier Company Finland for urgent delivery to you within three working bank days and all shipping details, including Shipment Receipts and Tracking Number will be releasing to you some day you send your ATM Card shipment fees €170 Euros only to enable you monitor the arrival of your ATM PACKAGE online to your doorstep.

Thank you for Cooperation as we are looking forward to serve better.

Best Regards
Tiia Tuovinen
Group General Counsel
OP Financial Group Bank Finland

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