Reply For Details.

from: Ralston A. Wheatley <>
date: Jul 9, 2021, 12:19 PM
subject: Reply For Details.

This notification memo has been sent to you three times without a response from you and this will be the last time and I do hope you receive it. This inquiry is about an account holder, who died and has no successor over his fund with the bank.
The essence of this communication with you is to request your willingness to accept this inheritance left behind by my client if you are legally and legitimately appointed. You must appreciate that i am constrained from providing you with more detailed information at this point.
Upon your response, I will give you more detailed information on the deceased client and the process of nominating you to inherit his wealth. Send your comments with your full names and your telephone number to enable us discuss .
Yours faithfully,
Ralston A. Wheatley

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