Hello Can I Trust You?

from: Master Robert <merchanalvarezadriana@gmail.com>
reply-to: robertboateng666@gmail.com
bcc: [redacted]
date: May 18, 2021, 2:04 PM
subject: Hello Can I Trust You?

Hello My Dearest,

My name is Master Robert Boateng, 16yrs old Boy , a nationality of
Ghana , schooling in  Accra Ghana before the death of my beloved
father .I am the only child/Son  of late Mr/Mrs. Wilfred Boateng  who
owns one of the big Gold company  here in  Accra Ghana .

My father was killed by food poisoning, he died few hours upon his
arrival from Pakistan  for  a meeting where he wanted  establish
another company. Before my father gave up his last breath, he
disclosed to me that he deposited  the sum of ($10.5 Million Dollars)
in one of the bank  and his agreement with the bank  that the money
will be transferred only to his or her investment partner in abroad
for an investment purposes, Few weeks after the death of my father,his
company and other commercial and private properties was illegally
claimed by his wicked partners  who was working with my father those
that killed him, now i am left with nothing except the above mentioned
 inheritance money  ($10.5 Million Dollars) with the bank  and this is
because they don’t have any idea of the deposit  money my father left
with the bank  if not they have killed me as the killed my father and
claim the fund. Please keep this very transaction top secret for
security reason.if you are interested to help me claim this money out
from the bank  and help me invest in to your country for betterment of
my future over there,write me urgently i will send you more details
and information you will send to the bank to release the money to you
before they will kill me here as they did to my beloved Father.

May Almighty God bless you and your family  as you do care for me Amen.
Master Robert Boateng.

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