I hope to hear from you! 07-21-32

from: Mis. Maimuna Amin <didit@trubagardapiranti.id>
reply-to: "Mis. Maimuna Amin" <didit@trubagardapiranti.id>
to: didit@trubagardapiranti.id
date: May 5, 2021, 4:21 PM
subject: I hope to hear from you! 07-21-32


My name is Maimuna Amin. I work with the Central Bank of Zambia in the packaging and courier department. I need your assistance to claim a pallet box containing $50,900,000.00 USD all in $100 bills USD belonging to a deceased Contractor. The box was couriered out from Zambia to a storage financial firm overseas. All the information and documents to claim this box is with me. I hope that at the end of this transaction, you will get 30% of the money and additional 5% for any expenses incurred during the transaction. If this arrangement is okay with you, let me know so that we could utilize this opportunity. Other modalities will be discussed as soon as you get back to me including sending to you the keys to unlock the box. I have a feeling that you are capable of handling this amount and keep it as secret for security purposes under a mutual trust.

Yours sincerely,
Mis. Maimuna Amin.

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