from: FBI Headquarters <>
to: [redacted]
date: Apr 14, 2021, 2:49 PM

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Attention Beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you from the Federal Bureau of
Investigation Department that we are aware of the United Nations
Organization scam victim compensation program which you happen to
be among the lucky persons to be compensated with the total sum
of US$5,300.000 (Five Million Three Hundred Thousand US Dollars).

Our investigation team will be following this scam victim
compensation  program to make sure everyone who is been
compensated received their payment which was the reason our
investigation team orders the United Nations Organization to
submit all beneficiaries emails contact to contact them and make
sure they follow up amicably so they can receive their
compensation payment. Be aware that this compensation is 100%
genuine and risk-free with the help of our investigation team
supervision because it was been approved by the following bodies
(US Government and the United Nations Organization) to compensate
everyone who has been victim to scam all over the world.

You are to take note that the only staff of the United Nations
Organization who has been approved and authorized to have this
compensation amount paid to their respective owners is Mr. Randy
Williams and he is the head of the compensation payment center in
New York City. Please feel very free in dealing with him and also
take note that the only money you are requested to pay to Mr.
Randy Williams is $550.00 (Five Hundred and Fifty US Dollars)
for the certified bank draft insurance payment and also for the
procurement of the ownership paperwork that will enhance the safe
and smooth delivery of the certified bank draft to your address
without being stopped.

United Nations Compensation Payment Center New York City.
Contact Person:  Mr. Randy Williams
Office Email:
Office Tel:  +1 934-888-4899

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Department congratulates you
for being among those who are to benefit from this compensation.
When contacting Mr. Randy Williams, you are to provide the

(1). Your full names
(2). Your residential address
(3). Your direct phone numbers
(4). A scan copy of your driver’s license or passport.

Thank you

Yours in Service
Christopher A. Wray
Director of the Federeal
Bureau of Investigation

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