from: Federal Bureau of Investigation <>
date: Oct 4, 2020, 5:05 AM


From Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters United States of America in conjunction with Supreme Court of Justice United States of America will arrest you for dealing with fraudulent activities in the state/worldwide very very soon this month of October 2020 .

We have monitor every transaction you do online and we understood that the people you always send money is a scammers impersonating to be real, the fake president CEO of company/bank . stop waste your money online my dear, because we have told you time without number that the only payment verify to be real in your name is total sum of US$35 MILLION deposited now with Keystone Bank Headquarters Austin, Texas United States of America and approval by the world Bank/International Monitoring Fund United States last week.

That is reason why we are contacting you today and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters Washington, D.C, United States in conjunction with Supreme Court of Justice Attorney General sir William Pelham Barr give you hundred percent guarantee that the Chief Executive Officer of Keystone Bank USA headquarter Mr. Jeff Wilkinson must send your inheritance payment to you at your doorstep through ATM Visa Card that will allow you to withdraw the total sum of US$5,000 every per day transaction equivalent to any local currency in the worldwide until you withdrawal the total sum of US$35 MILLION approval in your name.

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (ANTI-TERRORIST AND MONEY LAUNDERING DEPARTMENT/SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE UNITED STATES) IS HERE to wipe out terrorism, and we will stop at no length in doing our duty for the American people. You have only 72 hours to comply with  Chief Executive Officer of Keystone Bank USA headquarter Mr. Jeff Wilkinson instruction by settle in full “United States Parcel Service Courier company shipment fees US$300 only required from you for the shipment fees of your ATM VIsa Card package to your doorstep within 48hours today.

After 72hours without you comply full with federal government requirement, your inheritance payment must size/cancel back to US-Government account at world bank to avoid loose your payment file to online scammers because of your much time delay.

And you will use the ATM Visa card we talking about to transfer money to any Bank of your choice in the world with maximum amount of US$100,000 every per day transaction through any ATM Machine Transfer System and you can purchase stuffs online with the ATM visa card convenient at any time as its secure and safe till you cash full payment of US$35,000,000.00 credited on your behalf from Keystone Bank Headquarters United States of America.

Therefore, to enable United States Parcel Courier Company deliver your ATM Visa Card to you, make sure you contact Keystone Bank headquarter by yourself with below information because bankers are always engaged with many customers activities and ask them to whom you will send your ATM shipment fees US$300 only needed before ATM Visa Card worth US$35 Million delivered to you.

Contact Person::: Mr. Jeff Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer of Keystone Bank USA headquarter
Address: 11500 Bee Caves Road Suite 150 Austin, TX 78738 USA
Contact Phone::: +1 (512) 982-9160/ (817) 458-9864
Contact Email:::

Keystone Bank Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jeff Wilkinson also receive text message on +1 (817) 458-9864 for bank businesses all the time. You can text him or Email him at about your ATM Visa Card because too many fraudulent internet use the name of Federal Bureau of Investigation to scam peoples all over the world this time that is reason why we have to report it to google internet news for people to be careful and verify to avoid sending money to fraudulent internet again.

Be aware of fraudulent Email Activities going on over the internet today and this is to avoid you waste more money to scam activities again, they claim who they are not by using the name of big offices to scamming your money from you with many stories but be wise because they are all lie and scammers true to GOD Almighty.

If those funds fraud internet promise you is coming from legitimate source, the proper guidelines for you to recover the rightful transaction will be easy without you spend much money okay.

So be worn because the very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations–which serve, as our mission states to protect and defend the United States citizen/worldwide against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States.’ So follow our instructions properly now to avoid any action takes before you.

Best Regard
Christopher Wray.
Director General of Federal Bureau of Investigation
United States of America

Approval by
William Pelham Barr
Attorney General
United States of America

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