from: US Attorney-General <> via
date: Aug 6, 2020, 2:34 AM

Department of JusticeU.S. Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWWashington, DC 20530-0001official Email: departmentofjustice2021@usa.comPhone: +1-(817) 458-9864 Date: 8/5/2020
       Re-conciliation Letter, Reference number: UNCHR/20/CoV/20UPY2 I am very sorry for my late response in contacting you again because ever since i resume this office on 27th Oct 2019 as the new William Pelham Barr. Acting Attorney General was bothered to contact you regarding the abandon Payment files in your name by Mr.Matthew G. Whitaker the Formal USA Attorney General which he did not complete before leaving the office.
Since i resume this office, i have been bothered so much things and the high rate of scam i am receiving every day is the worst thing and the main issue that makes me to cry every night because many poor citizens always send me an email on how they lost there life savings and borrowed from many loan companies and not able to refund back which has lead them to many confusion in life.
I went for a conference which was held in IMF office New York and luckily for me, the Word Bank director was there when i raised the issue of high rate of scam and plead them to assign a certain amount for compensation to scam victims.
At the end of the meeting the word bank director was able to sign and see to it that all scam victims compensated the sum of $16.5 million USD each for compensation fund and we gathered alot of email address of scam victims from many continent of the world and luckily for you, your email address was among the first five people to receive to there fund with PNC Bank Head Office. This notification sign that your Email Address have been officially selected to receive a Financial Compensation amount for this ongoing COVID 19 Economic Recovery Funds.
With the investigation made this money is already deposited with PNC Bank United States head office and i told them to convert the money into bank draft cashier check so that it will be easy for you to receive your fund by Insurance Courier or Bank wire to avoid any unnecessary fees .
Finally, the bank draft cashier check worth US$16.5 Million in your name is now ready and i will be coming back to your States for a Conference which i will bring your bank draft check by myself and i will hand it over to you in your house address because i also heard how the delivery company also require for many fees and never deliver at last.
The PNC Bank United States of America head office said that since you don’t have any Account with them and your cashier check worth US$16.5 Million programmed in your name, you are required to send your payment file registration fee US$150 only so that they will registration your payment file and sign your bank draft check to be cash-able with any bank of your choice in your country.
The PNC Bank chief executive officer Mr. William S. Demchak also said that you have to send this registration fee US$150 via bank wire transfer or any type of gift card you prefer such as iTunes gift Card, Google Play gift Card and Ebay Gift Card only accepted for payment at PNC Bank United States of America.
Note: On no Account, you will charged for any kind of additional fee because they have assured me about that and i will be the one to deliver the bank draft cashier check worth US$16.5 Million to you free of charge.
The current chief executive officer of PNC Financial Services Mr. William Stanton Demchak is humble man and not involve in any fraudulent activities true to GOD Almighty and you can contact him at  or  + 1 (646) 453-0086.
Kindly send the US$150 iTunes gift Card or US$150 Google Play gift Card or US$150 Ebay Gift Card only immediately you receive this mail so that i will be coming your home address with your draft cashier check this week because i have less than 72 hours to leave PNC Bank Headquarter.
Remember to reconfirm your full information listed below once you send the gift card required to avoid delay in the delivery of your bank draft check this week.
1) Your Full Name2) Home Address3) City4) States5) Zip-code6) Country7) Your drive licence or international passport ID needed8) Your Age9) Your Occupation10) Your office and home phone number11) Cell Phone12) Your Directly telephone number
N/B: I also do refund back the money sent when you haven’t receive your Fund after payment which to show how honesty i can and also i assure you that after this there won’t be any extra charges again this is my word.
                                          MY WORD IS MY BOND
Thanks for your understanding!
Regards.US Attorney-GeneralSir William Pelham Barr+1-(817) 458-9864Email: departmentofjustice2021@usa.comPAYMENT NOTICE FROM DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 

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