Dear Sir

from: <>
bcc: [redacted]
date: Jul 17, 2020, 6:40 AM
subject: Dear Sir

Trans integrated Securities Company
Amsterdam Netherlands.

 Dear Sir,

 We are Financial Consultant firm based in Amsterdam Netherlands. Our
client Micha Ondó Bile, a former Equatorial Guinea Politician
currently living in Canada has directed us to get a very reliable Fund
Manager who will be able to Invest in your region. Can you handle a
High Profile Investment project? then provide more detailed
information on what you wish to invest into; so I can present it to my
client (the investor) for further discussion. Do you have any credible
business venture we can invest in? New Investment Project Idea OR
Existing Investment to key in and Expand capacity and productivity?
We are looking into investments in the following sector:

 a) Real Estate
b) Oil and Gas
c) Tourism including 5 Star Hotels, and hospitality.

 I will forward your reputable profile to my client for review once I
hear from you after which, we will be able to get a suitable channel
we can discuss or meet for the finalization of this investment.

 Note that the above outlined sectors is only our recommendation, all
depends on what you wish to invest in according to your expertise and
assurance of good return of investment ( ROI.) I will be waiting for
your response.


Engr. Abdalgadir Hatim.
Trans integrated Securities company
Amsterdam Netherlands.

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