This is a common check scam. Assuming they don’t just steal your identity with the information you give them, they send you fake checks. Your job is to cash them, keep your 10%, and send them back the rest. If you do, they take the money, and a couple of weeks later, your bank wants it back because their check bounced. They’re long gone, and you’re on the hook.

from: ELIZABETH LONDONO CAMPOS <londonoc.elizabeth@uces.edu.co>
to: Paulina Serna Gil <serna.paulina@uces.edu.co>
date: Jul 17, 2020, 6:53 AM
subject: 7/17/2020


Good day,
The Management of HYUNDAI Steel
Group Ltd is greatly in need of an individual
who can handle it’s account receivables
from its customers/clients in USA or
CANADA. Kindly contact us if interested in
this position.
Note: This part-time job is not time

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