from: FedEx Delivery Company <>
date: Jul 6, 2020, 5:44 AM

FedEx Delivery Company Service
International Operations Division
5225 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015, USA
Office Hours: Monday To Saturday
E-mail AT: (

Dear: Customer

This is to Notify you that Series of meetings have been held with the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization. It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is now in the Amount of $7 Million as a compensation award to you, due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who held your fund and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an Attempt to swindle your fund which has led to unnecessary delay in the receipt and so many losses from you.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol Enhanced and Federal Bureau of Investigation have successfully Passed a Mandate to the United Nations Office and Bank Of America, to Boost the Exercise of Clearing all Foreign Debt Owned to you and other individuals and Organizations who have been found not to have received their Compensation Awards.

We wish to let you know that we have Three Methods of transferring the said fund to you which by Cash Fund In a consignment-Box Delivery, by Cashier Check Delivery and by ATM CARD Delivery.

Please note that the FBI is the highly approved body that is in charge of monitoring and supervising any method you choose.
Thank you for choosing FedEx Delivery Company, We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Do not hesitate to ask question(s) where you consider necessary for clarification.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. John Butler
FedEx Delivery Company
International Operations Division
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2 Responses to SCAM VICTIM FUND

  1. Sandi Bjarnson says:

    sandr bjarnson [redacted] st bellingham wa 98225 usa

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