date: Jun 24, 2020, 12:05 PM
subject: GOOD NEWS



Ring Rd E, Accra Ghana     


Following the crusade to reconcile and improve the Economy of the World after the recent economic meltdown that hit the whole world due to covid19. In this concern, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA/GA) in New York, headed by General Antonio Guterres and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, a Fund Recovery Committee was set up. The Secretary-General stressed that the issues under discussion in this period are the eradication of poverty; provision of education; and provision of health, investment of abandoned funds, pay off debts, and fundamentally related to the values of the United Nations.
The Committee decided to investigate and verify disclaimed funds, anti-terrorism funds, Drug funds, diverted funds, contract funds, etc. In the process, some of the funds were discovered illegal and some were found legal and legitimate. The funds found illegal are to be paid into the World Bank Account to boost the economy of the world and help other countries affected by war and natural disasters. The funds found legal and legitimate are to be paid back to the beneficiaries for the purpose of invest and create job opportunities to the jobless in the society.

As a result of this, the Committee has assigned payment co-coordinators in the various regions to supervise the payment. I am the Payment Agent in charge of funds recovered with the African Region.

The sum of Ten Million, five hundred thousand US Dollars( $10.5MUSD) was recovered cash at a Bank in your name. I have been mandated to contact you as the beneficiary of the fund.

We also recovered the sum of Twenty Five Million US Dollars ($25M USD) in the name of Wallace Clark from your country but we are finding it difficult to get in touch with him. If you are familiar with him, please get us his contact information.

You are requested to reconfirm your current information. Furnish us with your names, address, and phone numbers. Also, forward your Identification as a confirmation that you are the rightful beneficiary of the fund.

We shall, therefore, commence arrangements on how the money will be paid to you.

Awaiting response.

Dr. James Ode

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