Attention:Dear Beneficiary.

From: director westernunion <>
Sent: Friday, 15 May 2020 12:39 AM
Subject: Attention:Dear Beneficiary.

Attention:Dear Beneficiary.

How are you today?

You are advice to open the above attachment  and confirm your new compensation fund value of  €4.8Million Euros then kindly follow World Bank advice to enable you have your fund transfer to your designated  designation account without hitch now.

The World Bank Group have confirmed your fund in Benin republic ministry of finance and am here on behalf of world bank group to guide you with the agreement issued on your fund because united nation president had appointed our board to travel and stand as the eyes of both party to ensure that everything goes straight forward on your transfer if possible to transfer your fund by our self to make sure that your fund reach to your account before four days.

Note that after all necessary investigation had be positively made in your transfer and the only fee you needed to pay is €96 euros according to Benin republic ministry of finance to settle with the commission on turn over the clearance of your fund in their custody.They Benin republic ministry of finance insisted that the receipt of this €96 must confirmed from you in their office for them to confirmed that you are the one we are going to transfer your fund after the clearance to avoid wrong transfer.

You are to send this €96 quickly to help us settle with the commission on turn over the clearance of your fund for me to personal remit your fund before flying back as am still in Benin republic now because i don,t want to hand this transfer over to any body to avoid further excuses in your transfer that is why am still here waiting to finalize your transfer.

Get back to me so i will give you information were to send the required fee of €96.00EUROS today.

I am waiting to hear from you soonest.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Mark  Charles

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