From: Mr Michael Leo <>
Sent: Friday, 1 May 2020 11:28 PM


Am writing to inform you that i have some funds at hand to assist you but it is not yet complete and secondly you have to assured me that after i have help you that as soon as you receive your consignment box that you will return all my supported money. Therefore, i need your urgent response today so that we will finalize this for the delivery of your consignment box within 24 hours.

Ok let me trust you, as you have said that you will pay me back after you received your consignment box I have $100. Usd with me now to help like i told you that i do not have it complete yet and as you know that the cost of the needed fee is $150.00 i want you try all you can do to come up with $50.00 so that we can complete the needed fees today you will start receiving consignment box. Get back to me ok you will send it through western union with this information bellow.

Here is the information to make the payment through Just go ahead an buy Gift card Itunes card or Steam wallet card today then scratch the cards scan and send me the copies here, that is if you can’t be able to send the money through WU or MG. So make it fast so that your receiving consignment box to you within 24hours without any more delaying.

Thanks and God bless as am looking forward to hear from you as the funds beneficiary.

Yours In Service,

Michael Leo
Assistant Secretary of U.S.

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