Claim Your Package

Reader submission, no headers provided.

From the office of:


Administration Officer

United Nations Inspection Services

Atlanta, Georgia USA


Our agency has in possession a parcel shipped from a government agency of the United Kingdom. During transport the package was damaged and the label became almost illegible. What we have deciphered appears to be your name.

In events such as this we have no choice but to turn these packages over to the closest match on the shipping address. This is required by law. And this is why we are contacting you.

These packages have been scanned and x-rayed in hopes to find any information to surrender them to the rightful owner.

We discovered, while x-raying these packages, that they contain a large amount of United States currency. We assume this was a transaction or transfer to you and that you are probably still expecting the delivery. (The total estimated sum is close to $8M)

Again, we are required by law to turn this package over to the rightful owner and since your name appears on the shipping label, that owner is probably you.

We would like you to forward this parcel to you but we need to verify your full name, proper shipping address and a telephone number so we may begin processing this claim.

There is a limited time required by law to claim lost/damaged/illegible packages. Once this time expires we must turn the package over to the United States Government who disperses the contents to charities. Any unclaimed money is sent to the US Treasury Office where it is destroyed.

If you feel that you should claim this money please reply with the information above and we can release it to you.


Thank you for your help in this matter;


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