Dear Friend

reply-to: ANGAD RAJPAL <>
date: Mar 16, 2020, 9:23 AM
subject: Dear Friend

Dear Friend

Good Day to you. I will like you to carefully read my letter and give a good thought on this business proposal.
Before I proceed I will like make an introduction about myself.

My name is Mr. Angad Rajpal, I am the head of fixed income at the Emirates NBD Asset Management.
I am responsible for the management of over USD 2 billion fixed incomes funds.  You can verify me with the link

I have an important business proposal that i wish to share with you, which i believe it will interest you. I want you
to handle these business with utmost sincerity and commitment so it can benefit us both. I am open to any idea and
i seek your full support and commitment.

I believe it is not my wish alone but for this business benefit, that i come across you. I have been in search for
someone who is reliable and trust worthy. Somebody we can both work together and have a good business relationship
as partners.

In my bank here in UAE, One late Mr. Viktor Sergeyevich Anokhin from Orenburg Russian, who was an oil magnate,
a big time entrepreneur, a foreign investor with my bank were. He had a fixed deposit with the bank since March 2012 for a
period of 80 calendar months, valued at US$78,000,000.00 (Seventy Eight Million United States Dollars). The due date for
this deposit contract was 30th November 2019. Sadly Mr. Viktor Anohkhin met his end on a business trip in Russia. He was
among the victims who lost their lives in the Antonov An-148 flight 6W703 plan crash.

Saratov Airlines Flight 703 was a domestic passenger flight from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Orsk Airport in Russia on
11 February 2018. The flight crashed shortly after take-off, killing all 71 people on board. This was how I lost my business
friend. You can verify this on the internet through this link

The bank management is yet to know about the death of Mr. Viktor. I only knew about his death because he was my friend
and i am also his personal account officer managing his fixed income at the bank. I was the one who introduced him to fix his
funds with the bank so his assets can be managed properly.

2 weeks ago my bank management requested that Mr. Viktor should give instructions on what to do about his funds, if to renew
the contract. I knew this would happen and I have been giving a serious thought since the death of my friend and this is why
I have been looking for a means to handle the situation because if my bank Directors get to know about the death of
Mr. Viktor, they will divert the funds for their personal use and I don’t want to lose out so I seek a means to get this done.

I am proposing this to you and seek your full co-operation to present you as the Next of Kin to the account so my bank can
release the funds to you. I know you might not be comfortable based on the circumstances on how i got your contact but do not
worry we will go over that later. I truly need your help to get this done. I can help get this through since am in the bank.
As the account officer to Mr. Viktor Sergeyevich Anokhin, it is my duty to process the transfer of the total fixed amount as
soon as you get the approval from the bank so it is very simple.

This transaction will be carried out under a legitimate and mutual arrangement between us. It is better that we claim this money
than allowing the bank directors to take it because they are rich already. I am not a greedy person so am suggesting we share the
funds equally (50% each) after this is done. My share will be more than enough to start my own company. Let me know your stand
on these and please kindly treat this information as a Top Secret. I shall go over the details with you when i receive a confirmation
of trust, co-operation and willingness from you.

Please I advise you message me directly on my private Email: I am highly waiting in anticipation Thanks.

Mr. Angad Rajpal

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