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Sent: Tuesday, 17 March 2020 3:58 AM
Subject: Contact Mrs Rosemary on

This is Mrs. Rosemary Williams, From The United States Former Ambassador To United Nations Worldwide Power, I just came for an ( ECOWAS ) meeting and I was searching for some files that I left in this office before I left and found out that you have not received your fund, and I asked the present ambassador Mrs. Lucy Tamlyn what happened that you have not receive your fund since years ago, and she said that you refused to pay the required fee for the delivery of your ATM VISA CARD. Well I’m contacting you this morning because the director of the ATM CARD center world Bank said that they will divert your ATM CARD to the World Government Treasury just because that you cannot pay for the service fee of your ATM CARD which is $350.00 only according to them.

But I do beg them and talk to them on your behalf and told them to wait and give me 72 hours until I hear you so that I will know the reason why you rejected such amount of money $10.5 Million which will change your life just because of $350.00 I want your urgent response as soon as you receive this email and explain to me the reason why you have abandon your ATM CARD because of $350.00 But if you don’t need it then I can change your name to another person so that this Government will not claim this money but I know that you will love to have it and i do promise you that you will received your ATM VISA CARD if you really trust me and follow up with me and am give you guarantee and my word’s okay.

My dear I want to help you make sure you do receive this fund because it was a big shock to me that you have not receive your ATM CARD and withdraw your money since months or years ago you will receive your fund before the end of this meeting which will take 72 hours. and i will bring your ATM VISA CARD to your doorstep by my self and like i said my dear, i will help you out with the sum of $200 only if you will rise the remaining balance of $150 and send it through an I tunes Card and if you are very sure that you are very interested on receiving your fund, then go ahead and send I tunes Card of $100 and I tunes Card of $50 making $150 total and i will move ahead and help you out with the $200 i promise and please you have to make sure that you send me back my money as soon as you do received your fund.

I will wait to hear from you today with the I tunes Card as soon as possible and if you really want to have your fund the sum of $10.5 Million United States Dollars and for your information my dear that is the only thing holding you right now to have your fund ok.

Your Sincerely And Best Regards,
Mrs. Rosemary Williams,
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