reply-to: PETER WALKER <>
date: Feb 5, 2020, 6:11 PM
subject: GOOD NEWS
Congratulation,the payment of your $2.5millionUSD has been resolved,Due to the officially of this exercise and the bodies involved that needs transparency, his decision of prompt payment was taken after the meeting held between the Republic of Ghana and the International Human Rights Organization to grant restitution to all scammed victims The restitution granted to you is US$2.5million) this have been agreed upon and have been signed for the release of US$2.5 million you through Swift Transfer(T&T) or through ATM Visa CARD to you If you had spent more than that, you have to take It just like that and leave the rest for God. I will be of personal assistance to you seeing that you receive your due payment. you are  advised  to send the  following details below for immediate releasing over due fund to you.
1. Full Name:
2. Home / Office Address:
3. Direct Phone Number:
4. Country:
5 Occupetion:
Awaiting your reply
Yours Brother


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