from: Hadimani's Residence <hadimani@emirates.net.ae>
reply-to: stellamcmahon.official@aol.com
date: Dec 8, 2019, 12:16 AM

I wish to inform you that I concluded this transaction successful last year with a lady in London and I am currently residing in London with my family for project investment with the fund.

I dropped the (cheque in bank draft) with my secretary Mrs. Stella McMahon for your compensation, by trying to assist me but it did not work out between us . The amount is US$1,500,000.00.

I did this out of sympathy for your efforts and I hope you will be satisfied with my compensation I will advise you to contact her immediately through her e-mail address:(stellamcmahon.official@aol.com) for the delivery of the bank draft to you. I hope you will have a nice life with my token of compensation for your efforts and God bless you.

Mr. George Wood,

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