from: Christopher Wray <nuoro@confcooperative.sardegna.it> via aruba.it
reply-to: governorphiliplowe@gmail.com
date: Oct 14, 2019, 12:11 PM
Attention Beneficiary Email ID.
From Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters in conjunction with others Security Investigation Agencies in the United States of America.
Mr.Andrew Forrest. a philanthropist from Australia have decided to give a gift donation payment of AUD$15Million to you as a gift payment because your email address is among those selected for payment at Reserve Bank of Australia.
Read more about Andrew Forrest philanthropy by copy this link and past at your internet window:
As for instruction given to Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Phillip William Lowe , Your donation payment of AUD$15 MILLION will be wire transfer directly to your bank account information you may provide within 72 hours today once you send Australia Fund Insurance Fee US$141 only because your payment file agreement sign by Chief Justice Susan Kiefel at Justice of the High Court of Australia on Friday 7th October 2019
So it our pleasure to let you know today that we have notify the final payment of US$141 require in your transaction from Australia Government before Reserve Bank of Australia will transfer donation payment of Fifteen Million Australia Dollars to any account information you may provide to them in this matter.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters United States hereby advice you to send the final payment US$141 to directly to Australia Fund Insurance Office to able Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Phillip William Lowe transfer your donation payment to your bank account this week.
And all legal verification is complete and we are 100% insured that the Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Phillip William Lowe is not involve in fraudulent activities true to GOD Almighty. Contact him at ( governorphiliplowe@gmail.com ) for more information
Go ahead and contact Reserve bank of Australia in good Faith as we will be monitoring all their services with you because your donation payment must transfer to your bank account within 72hours once you follow our full instruction in this latter.
The heart of the FBI operations lies in our investigations, which serve, as our mission, to protect and defend the entire world against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States. “So follow our instructions correctly to avoid lost your donation payment to fraudulent group because of your delay.
We also advise you to stop further communications with those impostors you think they are real because they are all impostors group in Nigeria, Benin Republic, USA ETC. Please stop waste your money online, we told you today that the only donation payment sign in your name real is Fifteen Million Australia Dollars only deposit under Reserve bank of Australia from Mr.Andrew Forrest who sign the payment for you
Thank you very much for your Understanding and early cooperation.
Best Regards,
Christopher Wray 
General Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, D.C. USA United States
Phone/text::: +1-801-890-3200


  1. kingselyanderson@hotmail.com says:

    Enquiry Promptly,l am kingsely Anderson confirming.my complaint that may be useful to you this time.First of all,collected all the A.T.M cards which has already been perpard in my name from the fraudusters people and bent or damaged or destroy it.Please ,F.B.I,How can they prepard A.T.M card in the absent of the beare.this is totaly rough,rough and tumble.please F.B.I Bloq all my account’s should be totaly Bloq rapidly.l thank you for your effort knowing that you put in the work need.this time the year 2019 is nearing ended.l am therefore asking you than to turn the page.please F.B.I ,turn the page and put my enquirying promptly into perspective.

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