Delivery Update

from: Richard Murphy <>
reply-to: "D.D.C" <>
date: Oct 14, 2019, 11:24 AM
subject: Delivery Update

Delivery Notice

This is Richard Murphy and i am a Diplomatic Agent of Skyline Diplomatic Delivery Courier. However i have just arrived the airport with a mini cash consignment box worth of 5.5 of Million USD. As stated on the Delivery manifest this cash consignment is been giving out as a means of consolation to the few privileged scam victims as instructed by the Peoples Cooperate Bank Of America.

The delay now in your delivery will be certain reconfirmation details like your current house address, your full name and cell phone number for a quick consignment verification process. Once this has been sent in by you, the next phase will be your delivery.

A quick update is awaited.

Diplomatic Agent,

Richard Murphy.

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