Your Urgent Attention Is Highly Needed.

From: Mrs. Melania Trump <>
Sent: Saturday, 14 September 2019 6:54 PM
Subject: Your Urgent Attention Is Highly Needed.


Ref: This is final notice and there will be an immediate effect.

This message is purported to inform you that your opportunity to receive the Compensation fund through Money Order Check which my Husband willingly signed on your favor will be cancel on the 15th by White House Cabinets after waiting so long for you to come over here in DC to sign for the collection or hire a lawyer to do the job on your behalf but until now there has not been any frantic effort from your end.

There was a general meeting this morning which was emphasized over the pending Compensation fund and your name appeared on the board as a subject to the meeting, the White House Cabinets have finally taken their decision to cancel this procedure since you can’t meet up with the requirements and they have seen you as unserious person who doesn’t care to take a frantic action because they said desperate needs calls for desperate measure.

I will like you to kindly reply me back immediately if you truly want to receive this funds before Friday.

I will do my best to liaise with the Lawyer here who could handle the paper work on your behalf with just the sum of USD300 and he will be able to take care of everything and would deliver your parcel within 72hrs and the Lawyer said that you can only buy Google Play Gift Card of $300 and send that is the only way he want the money sent to him.

I wish you a blessed day as I look forward to hearing from you thanks for understanding.

Best regards
Mrs. Melania Trump
First Lady of the United States of America

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