From: Hon Jackson Mthembu MP <amidava_@etu.uphf.frSent: Tuesday, 13 August 2019 8:11 AM

Attention: Beneficiary


Sequel to our meeting held last week, this letter is to serve as a legitimate encumbrance regarding your fund which has been over-due for remittance to your nominated account overseas. It is our commission’s interest to interrogate the origination of the fund as well as the cause of delay in remittance over the past years as reported in the file before us.

However, as part of our oversight, it has been noted based on the detailed information we received that some unscrupulous elements within the system have mal-handled your file and as such some necessary clearances were not properly ascertained/procured from the right authorities hence the desire of the presidency to curb this appalling situation by setting-up this commission to oversee the immediate release of all funds been held up in the state treasury to contractors and beneficiaries whose names have reflected in this first batch of third quarter of 2019.

The activity, action and relationship of this commission in the presidency with some of the beneficiaries/contractors have been applauded by most contractors/beneficiaries who in less than ten days of their contact with this office got their funds duly remitted by wire transfer to their respective bank accounts.

As we discussed during our meeting, one of our mandate is to ensure that the bad-image perceived by the western about Africa is addressed as the main focus of the current regime is to root out corruption in our system and make the country better for all.

Respond to this effect for the process of your fund release and transfer.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours Sincerely,

Hon Jackson Mthembu MP.
(Minister in the Presidency)

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