from: Mrs. Mary Fernandez <admin@breakthru.com>
reply-to: jonatthangabel@gmail.com
date: Jul 31, 2019, 3:11 AM
Dear Friend,
How are you today? It’s been a while you will agree with me. How is the family and work in general? Mine has been good I give God the glory. I have been able to conclude the transaction with the help of a brother. I wish to thank you for your effort during the course of our interaction even though you didn’t have the patience to see it mature I still appreciate your input. To this end I have decided to show some gratitude.
I have deposited a sum of $850,000.00 (Eight Hundred And Fifty United State of America Dollars) with United Bank for Africa on your behalf. I will like you to contact my secretary in person of Mr. Jonathan Gabel and comply with him so that he will make be in touch with the management of UBA with an instruction for release and transfer of the deposited sum of money to you. At the moment, I’m very busy here in Turkey and trying my hands on some investments. Please I will like you to accept this token with good faith as this is from the bottom of my heart.
CONTACT: Mr.Jonathan Gabel
Email:      jonatthangabel@gmail.com
Don’t forget to send him your FULL NAME,AGE,OCCUPATION,MARITAL STATUS TELEPHONE NUMBER and CONTACT ADDRESS for his reference and make arrangement with him on how you want the Bank to release the $850,000.00 to you.
Mrs. Mary Fernandez.

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