Dear Friend,

from: Col. Hussein Harmush <>
to: Recipients <>
date: May 10, 2019, 9:57 AM
subject: Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

Salaam Alaikoum.
My name is Col. Hussein Harmush, an army officer from Syria Arab Republic but I am presently staying in a refugee camp here in Canberra city of Australia with my wife my children after our lucky escape from Syria some years ago. This is as a result of the ongoing bloody civil war in my country Syria which has killed thousands of innocent civilians including women and children over the last few years. Please I would like to discuss a very important and urgent business proposal with you involving a total sum of US$ 5,000,000.00. (Five Million U.S Dollars Only) with a Bank in London only if you can permit me by responding back to this message as soon as possible. Inshallah, I need your honest assistance in transferring this total funds to your Bank account so that I will travel to your country with my family in order to meet you for onward investment of this total funds through your help. I will be giving you a more complete details about this transaction and thank you very much for your understanding as I look forward to receive your message soonest.
May Allah bless you with his best.

Col. Hussein Harmush.
Australia Refugee Camp.

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